Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Homemaker Daybook: Journal of a SAHM

Weather in My Neck of the Woods
It's early early morning. Overcast, but not rainy. Humid and cool.

In the Garden
Disappointed that our first planting of peas, cucumbers and pumpkins wilted away to nothing, it took me a while to decide to replant. Hopefully purchasing seeds from a local hardware store will yield better results than the ones I bought from Walmart. Next season I'm sticking with Pinetree, a local company with heirloom and non-GMOs. Lesson learned!

Looking Around the House
Over the weekend the kids pitched in to tidy up the house before they left to spend time with Nannie and Grandpa Lobster. I'm looking forward to days of fewer dirty dishes and less laundry!

Menu for this Week
Sunday -  Grilled Brats with Macaroni Salad
Monday - Leftovers (Brats, Salad, Tomato Soup, Sandwiches)
Tuesday - Sesame Ginger Chicken - Mandarin Orange Salad
Wednesday - McDonald's
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -

What's on my TV Today 
Nada! I don't plan on watching any TV today, but perhaps I'll pick up some movies from the library on Tuesday.

What I'm Creating from the Craft Basket
I'm working on some super cute chicken potholders. I already made one that I gave to my Mom (without taking a photo of first).

I'm Reading

Things that Make Me Happy and Thankful
A comfy chair. A cute crochet project. A good summer read. A glass of iced tea. Quiet.

I'm Wondering
What I'll do this week? Catch up on housework? Do a bunch of crochet projects? Read? Nap? It's going to be a slow one!

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. (KJB Proverbs 13:12)


 I'm linking up to The Simple Woman at The Simple Woman's Daybook and to the Diary of a Stay At Home Mother at Happy Homemaker on Mondays.


  1. I vote crochet projects!! Hope you have a great week!

    1. LOL I'm crocheting up a chicken potholder today! And I have a blanket to work on, but I'm already looking through my Pinterest board for more ideas.

  2. I hope your second planting goes better. I'll join younin that glass of iced tea! Have a great week.

    1. Me too, but I suppose I should go get those seeds...soon! Our season is pretty short so I need to get a jump on the 2nd planting if I want any veggies from it before the cold returns!

  3. Your menu for Tuesday sounds really good, Jessy....especially the mandarin orange salad. I'm sorry about your need to replant things in the garden. :) Hope things will do better for you this time.

    1. I love salads that I can make ahead in the summertime! I usually have 1-2 in the fridge most of the time. Who wants to cook when it's hot??

  4. Came over from SWDB, really enjoyed your post. I used to have a big garden, but had to downsize. I work in a nursery so my boss lets me grow things in big pots and we share. Most of the plants at your hardware store are from the same places as your big box stores, and if they are from Bonnie, they have pesticides in the dirt, so it's in the plant. Hope your garden produces much!!!

    1. I usually order seeds from a local company, but didn't this year. :sigh: A lesson learned - stick with heirloom, non-GMOs from a nearby farm! I really think it was the poor quality of seeds I got at Walmart...


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