Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Homemaker and Daybook: Diary of a SAHM

Weather in My Neck of the Woods
Perfect! A mostly sunny 70 degree day! The kind of day that you just want to sit outside, sipping sweet tea and read a book after a wonderful day with the kids. If only the mosquitoes didn't want to carry me away.

In the Garden
:sigh: My peas and cucumbers wilted away to nothing. And we didn't even have scorching sun last week! I'm going to try replanting them since it's still early in the season. Perhaps the cheap Walmart seeds I purchases were of low quality...

Looking Around the House
1. Need to burn scrap wood (in the firepit) and Remove Bulk Trash
2. Replant Garden
3. Put up the New Tent
4. Organize the Container and Baking Cupboard
5. Rake the Chicken Run and Clean Coop

Menu for this Week
Sunday -  Homemade Mock Fried Rice with Ham and Veggies
Monday - Chicken Alfredo with Green Beans
Tuesday - Cheese Nachos with Salsa
Wednesday - French Toast with Fresh Fruit
Thursday - ?
Friday - ?
Saturday - ?

What's on my TV Today
Again, not much. We don't even have movies from the library that we haven't watched. TV just isn't a big thing around here in the summer months. Now, come fall, I'll be watching "Survivor", "The Voice" and "The Amazing Race" on Hulu. 

What I'm Creating from the Craft Basket
After working on a few quick projects (that you can see here and here), I am back to crocheting my son's ripples blanket. It's coming right along now and I can see the finish in sight. Being my first attempt at a blanket, the sizing was a bit off and I've decided to orient the ripples vertically rather than horizontal. Otherwise I'd be working on it a very long time.

I'm Reading

Things that Make Me Happy and Thankful
Health. Joyful family. A good book. A crochet project. Sunny days. Working vehicles. Good food and drink. A new AWESOME Android.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (KJB Proverbs 3:5)


 I'm linking up to The Simple Woman at The Simple Woman's Daybook and to the Diary of a Stay At Home Mother at Happy Homemaker on Mondays.


  1. I planted lettuce and spinach from cheap Walmart seeds and got nada. Come on, spinach and lettuce? the two easiest things in the world to grow? No more walmart seeds. I'm sticking with organic Amish ones. Good luck on your replant!!

    1. You too? I'm thinking it's the seed quality. We've always had an abundance of peas and cucumbers, but this year they barely got going before they wilted away. Next year I'll go back to the non-GMO heirlooms that I buy from a local company/farm.

  2. Sorry to hear about the wilted plants in your garden! I hope your next planting is successful. Don't you just love seeing the end on a crochet project!?!? Have a great week!

    1. I do! Now that I can see the end of the blanket I've been looking over all the ideas I have pinned and wondering what I should do next...So many ideas, so little time! I need more yarn! LOL

  3. Like your happy and thankful!

    1. There's so much to be happy and thankful for!

  4. Happy to have found another Survivor fan. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. This past season was not one of my favorites, however. There was so much contestant bashing and I just don't like that. I wasn't a big fan of Mike either. Oh well!

    1. Yeah, you're right. It was an OK season! Perhaps the next one will be different...

  5. You've got a busy week coming up I think! Shame about your peas and cucumbers.


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