Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Weeks 10-12 - Summer is Wrapping up!

Whoa! Is it really September less than 2 weeks? You know what that means, don't you? Our first day of homeschool is just around the corner! I've been planning the last couple of weeks, putting together 8 weeks worth of lessons plans. Are you ready? or have you already started the new year?

But in the meantime, we have summer to celebrate! And the temperatures are proving that summer isn't over yet!

We've been to the lake to cool off as the rain blew in. See to left of the picture? It poured at the other end of the lake! And then passed us right by without a single drop.

Tom and I have been exploring new lakes in search of Bass...and gorgeous sunsets.

Sam's been doodling and writing, a rarity for him. Isn't this kid awesome? His honesty. (And yes, his room is a mess.)

I finished up my first ever afghan for Jake. And planning on my next...

And the garden has turned into a jungle! But I don't have photos of that...

Summer School Day Counter
Cate - 20 days | Sam -  24 days
Cate - 40% Completed Math | Sam - 29% Completed Math
Cate - 3 books read | Sam - 4 books read
Cate - walk, swim, kayak,  garden | Sam - walk, swim, bike, fish, kayak, garden
Cate - Band Camp & Concert
Sam - Scout Camp
Field Trips/Activities - PEAR's Ice Cream Shop, CPL Mad Science, More to Life Campground, Casco Days Parade, Summer Reading Program

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