Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: A Day in the Life - Best Laid Plans

I always enjoy reading A Day in the Life posts of other bloggers. It's interesting to see how Moms and Dads structure their days, the HIGHS, the lows, and the in-betweens when juggling homeschooling life. So, here's a peek into Wednesday around Our Side of the Mountain!


:: yawn :: The alarm goes off on my cell phone. I accidentally tap the snooze button, but there's no more snoozing. The alarm is already set as late as possible. I dress and wash up quickly, wake up Jake, who grunts in response, then tend to the animals while he gets ready. I drive Jake to a family friend's house for the ride into town to catch the bus to school.

Back at home, I put the laundry into the drier, gather a couple eggs from the nesting boxes, and climb back into a comfy, warm bed to do some blogging and messaging with Thomas. Cati wakes and starts her day with breakfast, music and school. She enjoys the calmness of mornings when her little brother is still sleeping.

But the coziness of flannel and the purring of a contented cat lull me off to sleep...


Cati jars me awake and then Sam. I realize my dozing has set us off schedule and start readjusting my mental To Do List. There goes my "Best Laid Plans"! Cati finishes her Saxon Math test while Sam grabs a bowl of Raisin Bran. I correct Cati's test then gather "van school" and make a "bucket lunch" of turkey-and-cheese roll-ups, baby carrots, homemade pumpkin bread, and apples. At 10:45am, we head to Cati's band practice.


While Cati is at band, Sam and I do "van school". Focusing on "van school" is a bit difficult for him, but otherwise the wait time is unproductive...and he complains about boredom. He watches his math lesson on my laptop and gets most of his problem set completed before Cati returns. We nibble on lunch, stopping at the convenience store along the way for milk and a few staples. (I'm not going through my day without Honest Tea!) While I'm shopping, Cati reads The Hobbit and Sam continues with his math problems. We're multi-taskers! We sing along to "Schoolhouse Rock" the rest of the way home.


I put the groceries away and check the laundry in the drier. Damp! I reset the timer and start the drier again. Cati walks home from the beginning of the road, listening to her music, then writes the second chapter to her story The Bridge to Celestia on Wattpad, an on-line community for writers. (How she types everything in on her android I don't know!) Sam finishes up his math and starts grammar and vocabulary on MobyMax and reads The Story of Davy Crockett, Frontier Hero while I speed-wash the dirty dishes and fold that load of laundry. (Am I the only one that loathes dishes?)


Sam and I work on Mobymax stories and literature, sharpening comprehension. Cati sweeps the floor then heads out in the drizzle to get our mail. While waiting for her to return, Sam vacuums then puts a new outlet cover on the wall I sanded and painted yesterday. Job finished! He spends a little time sanding down a wooden boat he made with Grandpa Lobster last week before playing Minecraft. When Cati returns she puts a new light bulb in a lamp and sets up a music "corner". (That girl loves her music!)


King Tut time! After reading the rest of our SOTW chapter, we watch "World Wonders: Tutankhamun" on You tube. I warm us up soft pretzels for a snack (as the kids didn't eat much of the "bucket lunch" I packed). They run off ASAP when it's finished, ready for "down time". Cati heads off to her bedroom; Sam returns to building on Minecraft. I have a "breather", type up our day thus far, and finally hop into a hot shower.


The kids' Dad picks Jake up from our friend's house and then spends some time with the kids. Cati bakes up frozen pizzas for dinner. Jake closes up the flock for the night. I head out to Bible Study and Fellowship with Thomas for the evening. Fellowship includes bible study, a wonderful dinner of chicken soup, biscuits and cupcakes, and social time. I arrive home to a quiet, content home.

At least until the tree snapped in the blustery wind...

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