Monday, February 9, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Raving Thoughts

I'm joining Leslie at Time Out for Mom for Tuesday Coffee Chat. (Well, in MY case hot cocoa.) Why not link up too? This week's prompt:

I think; therefore I have a headache. Suffer from over-thinking? Guilty of thinking much? Or just..meh.

I am an over-thinker.

It doesn't have to be a bad thing, right?

Except when it keeps me from sleeping at night as my mind wanders from one thought to another and then back again. Rehashing the days events. Should I have handled that differently? Planning tomorrow...and the next year. Worrying about the what ifs. Is there money for that? It's enough to give someone insomnia!

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But some of my very best ideas and solutions come at the same time!

And sometimes I even remember them in the morning...

Happy Thoughts!


  1. I get frustrated when I have an "aha!" moment and then I can't remember when it's time to implement... Thank you Notes for iphone because now I just jot it down!

    1. Great idea! I don't have an iPhone, but I do have a nice Moleskine notebook that I keep my date book, planner and notes inside. I have that nearby most times...

  2. this! yes! go to sleep brain!
    Mine is not typically worrying or rehashing the day -- I found once I hit my 40s I started to let that stuff go a little easier. It's just thoughts, fragments, stories. I keep a journal by the bedside - or even my phone - because if I write it down: presto gone! Then I can sleep. And I'd never remember in the morning either if I didn't write it down.
    I often get my best thoughts in the shower or bath! LOL

  3. Oh, girl, I am so with you on the insomnia! My mind just never. shuts. down. This usually leads to stress for me, but it has also led to some of my best ideas. Thanks for prompting me to remember that!


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