Friday, February 27, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun: Week 202

I'm joining Hilary and her co-host at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun. Why not fill in this week's 4 statements with your own creative twists and link up?

1. Once I _____.
2. _____ isn't _____.
3. One can _____.
4. I have _____ for the _____.

My Fun Fill Ins

1. Once I got my puffy, movement-limiting winter jacket on, my combination mittens and fingerless gloves, and high top waterproof lined boots I headed out to grocery shop. Again.

2. There isn't enough food in the cupboards to feed my bottomless "crew".

3. One can try to keep up with the nourishment needs of 3 kids, but it an exhausting and financial draining experience.

4. I have a heart full of love for these kids of mine though!

Feeling Beachie

Have fun!


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