Monday, February 2, 2015

Memory Monday: My School Years

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When you grow up on a Maine island even school is different. Middle school AND high school continue to be in the same building to this day. And the gym is the biggest section of that building! We take our basketball seriously here, folks.

How many of you graduated with a class of only 34 students? And my grade was a BIG one! Except for a few students, I went from preschool through graduation with the same 22 boys and 12 girls. But even so there were peer groups, cliques, and dating dilemmas.

Well, not really dating dilemmas for me. I wasn't really interested. I dated a few boys, one for 3 years in high school, but my focus was on academics, extra-curriculars and working. Those things didn't leave me a lot of time for boys. 

As for cliques? There were two cliques in my high school: Those considered the POPULARS and EVERYONE ELSE. I got along with both groups. I played sports. I was in student counsel and National Honor Society. I quietly mingled and was known. But I was most comfortable with EVERYONE ELSE. EVERYONE ELSE were more interesting, more unique, and more welcoming. 

No group is without is drama. It is high school after all. But I was never one to get caught up in the drama. Mature beyond my years, I felt it was lame even then. 

And because I was considered quiet, studious, focused, I was not part of the POPULARS or EVERYONE ELSE that partied. 

Perhaps the partiers are a sub-group of both cliques?

I was OK with that though as I was a "good girl". I've always tried to do what is right, kind, and responsible. And sometimes that meant going against what either clique felt was cool. Sometimes I went my own separate way. Peer pressure? Nah!

This summer my graduating class will celebrate it's 25th reunion. Where did the time go?  After 2 1/2 decades I wonder if those cliques will divide us up once again...

Merry Memories!


  1. I found at my 10th the cliques were still there...but by the 30th everyone who came were very friendly. I haven't seen notice of any more reunions for my class. Mr BC school has an all school every two years or so.

    1. I haven't gone to any of my reunions. I'm not sure I'll make this one either as it's 4th of July...But I'm connected to a number of classmates through Facebook.


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