Monday, February 2, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Don't Let It Snow

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We have had 4 major snow storms in 10 days. Not just a few inches. We're talking measurements in feet, folks!

Oh, I know. I'm in Maine. Piles -MOUNTAINS! - of snow should be expected every long, long winter season, right? I just had my hopes up for a less snowy winter THIS season.

We've already had lots of frigid, heating oil depleting, pipe-freezing, and car battery-killing temperatures. Couldn't we have a break on the snow?

I guess not.

I'm sitting here in the livingroom, in my PJs, watching snow steadily fall and whip around in the blustery wind, wondering if another foot will be on the ground by night fall. And yes, it's 2:30pm, and I'm still in my PJs. Why not? To go out on the roads would be crazy! Who's going to see me but the kids? And they're in PJs too. I did comb my hair though...

Guess what?

Another storm is predicted to arrive on Wednesday. I guess I should be thankful for a day reprieve to prepare...

Happy Ranting!


  1. That last image says it all, doesn't it? Even when I lived back East and we were preparing for a big storm, I often wondered why people felt the need to stock up on extra milk, bread and cheese - are there some special stormy weather French Toast breakfasts in the offing? One may never know. ;)

    Sorry Mother Nature's deciding you didn't quite get enough snow and need so much more. I love snow (maybe wouldn't love it so much if we actually *got* some, though) it makes a dreary winter look so much prettier. It's just too bad there's so much shoveling involved. ;)

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    1. And of course I need more coffee - I meant to say 'milk, bread and EGGS'...though cheese sounds good...yum! ;)

    2. LOL Why not eggs AND cheese? Makes a great sandwich! But as a chicken and duck owner, we usually have eggs...

  2. We stayed home yesterday as well and we are watching the weather channel for a safe day to travel. DH shoveled 3 times yesterday.

    1. Such cold, hard work to shovel! I just did the far as I could reach with the roof shovel...and I'm exhausted!

  3. that's what we call a Tuesday here in Canada -- same old winter. LOL
    I suppose we are so used to it -- I mean, we were BBQing on the weekend. ribs for the game! :)

    but it has been ridiculously cold it seems -- minus 40 C (which is the same in your F -- that's where it equalizes -- so you know it's cold!!) Crazy Canucks that we are, I tried to take the kids sledding and they were all... you crazy mom! Let's play Xbox and I have to say; I didn't put much of a fight! ha

    1. Yeah, Canadians really know how to handle the cold! It doesn't seem to slow you do at all!


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