Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday Four Fill-in Fun: Week 200

Feeling Beachie
I'm joining up with Hilary at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun! Why not join up too? Just fill in these 4 statements and click on over to share!

1. Did you notice that ____?
2. ____ is on ____ f0r ____.
3. Since ____ I haven't ____.
4. Would you ever _____?

My Fill-ins:
1. Did you notice that it's almost time for a new season of "The Voice", "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race"?
2. Reality TV is on the internet for free viewing the day after. Whoop!
3. Since the old seasons ended I haven't been watching Hulu much, filling my nights with movies, Facebook games and crocheting.
4. Would you ever give up cable TV? We did years ago!

What do you watch?


  1. We have satellite tv and love it. Watching cable tv drives me nuts. Not big on Reality TV except for DWTS and SYTYCD.

  2. We have DirecTV and Netflix. There are some things we like to watch that are only on TV and not on Netflix or other streaming services. I would give it up if I had to, though. We do watch Netflix a lot and get movies and TV shows from the library.

    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

    1. I'm considering starting up Netflix again...if I can figure out the Roku. :sigh: We did enjoy that, especially the history stuff.

  3. Very nice statements.

    We still have cable but my husband watches TV more than I do.

    I hoe you had a good weekend.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

    1. I would probably watch more if we had it...

  4. I could easily give up cable. We cancelled all of our boxes except for one and we have it more to keep the internet / phone affordable then to watch tv

    1. Now, I would have a hard time giving up internet! LOL Or phone!


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