Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 7 - The One With Exploration

Cate completed her studies on pronouns with English Grammar 101, and received a 88% on her final exam. The next section covers verbs. With renewed vigor, she wrote, polished up and printed out another 5 paragraph essay this week on medieval music. Eventually I would like to her feel comfortable and confident enough to whip out an essay in 1-2 school days. She's reading Little Women (Alcott) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain). (She started Huckleberry when her other book went MIA. She found it under a comforter the next day...)

She's completed 71% of pre-algebra on Khan Academy.

Sam motored on in his Grammar and Writing Handbook, reviewing compound and complex sentences, improving sentence structure in personal narratives, and correcting sentence fragments and run-ons. He wrote a "perfect paragraph" about attending a Sea Dogs games to practice his sentence writing skills (as well as capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and handwriting). He's reading The Great Brain (Fitzgerald).

He's completed 44% of math 4 on Khan Academy.

On Monday, Sam wrapped up Chapter 2 on the sun, and moved onto Mercury, a quick planet study. His study consisted of reading, a facts page and one modeling project with a notebook journal page. Our project was exploring the effects of meteors on Mercury, creating craters with rocks and flour, then making a planet model of Mercury with them.

Cate will finish up Module 3 on interpreting and analyzing scientific experiments on Monday.

Have I told you how much we enjoy our Apologia science kits from Rainbow Resource? Having the experiment supplies gathered and organized into baggies for us has been a blessing! I hesitated to purchase them because of the expense, but I'm glad I did.


Road trip! On Sunday, Tom and I took Cate and Sam to New Hampshire, through the White Mountain National Forest, and to Lost Valley Gorge and Boulder Caves. (Unfortunately our other kids had plans this weekend and couldn't join us.) Nothing like the fantastic foliage views along the Kancamagus Highway this time of year! Truly amazing!

Cate studied medieval music (through week 23) this week with Easy Peasy, then wrote a 5 paragraph essay to summarize what she had learned.

I switched resources for Sam, and he watched "America the Story of Us: Rebels" and "How the States Got Their Shapes: East vs. West" as well as U.S. geography on Sheppardsoftware.


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  1. Lots of fun school. But that view is stunning. You explore so much of nature. I love all the pictures n

    1. We love our nature, and we're fortunate to live where there is a lot of great places to explore.

    2. We love our nature, and we're fortunate to live where there is a lot of great places to explore.

  2. Everyone is moving right along. Seeing progress is always wonderful.
    blessings, Dawn

  3. Your studies are moving nicely right along. Both kids are doing great! That is such a beautiful part of our country and such a fun field trip!

    1. Thanks, Sylvia! We are moving forward! A favorite fall trip of ours!

  4. LOVELOVE LOVE the White Mountains...we spent some time up there for a NASCAR race and hiked and hiked and hiked...such a beautiful state! Great shots!

    1. Definitely! There's so much beauty there! Although this visit was filled with "leaf peepers" so we couldn't do much QUIET observation. Next time?

  5. Wow! I LOVE your photos of the countryside. I don't know, but I think American/Canadian countryside looks way more striking than Britain at this time of year. The colour contrast seems more pronounced somehow (or maybe you are just a better photographer!)


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