Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Trying My Patience

1. What's something that has recently 'tried your patience'?

My van. :sigh: Something is going on again. It suddenly stalled the other day. It's ran fine since, and without a check engine light on or it stalling frequently, the mechanic doesn't have enough to go on. He could guess and make repairs, but...In the meantime, I wonder when it'll be more than just a "random glitch".

2. Do you think patience comes to us naturally or is it something you have to learn as you grow? On a scale of 1-10 generally how patient are you? (1=I blow up at the drop of a hat and 10=I've got all the time in the world).

Some of us are naturally patient and "laid back". When life throws them for a loop, they just roll with it. I'm blessed to have both a husband and an older son who just "go with the flow". They're definitely 9
s; they deal with whatever comes up when it comes up with calm coolness.  Me? Not so much. I'm a 5. I've got to work on that! Fortunately, I have 2 men in my life that keep my grounded.

3. Share about a time when you felt like you could fly. Or a time you wished you could fly. Or a time you felt like you were flying.

Oh, flying and I don't go well together. I get motion sick!

4. Your favorite song with the word fly in the title or lyrics, or your favorite song that relates to flying in some way?

5. What's in your fall picnic basket and where are we picnicking in your neck of the woods this time of year?

We just explored caves in New Hampshire this weekend, driving through the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountain National Forest. In our cooler was cold cut and cheese sandwiches, Pringles, Fig Newtons, apples, and pears.

6.  Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping...which skill would you most like to possess and how would you put that skill to use today?

Can I add mechanic? :: wink :: From the list I would say carpentry as the house needs quite a number of repairs. Or maybe plumping? No, carpentry!

7. What's something you think is too expensive to justify buying lately?

Besides a new vehicle? :sigh: Food! Feeding 3 kids is an investment! But I'm still going to the grocery store too often just the same.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Join Joyce from From This Side of the Pond for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Share in the randomness!

Happy Hodgepodging!


  1. LOL - I love the random! LOL
    My husband is a 9 too. And it is a blessing. :-)
    Nice to meet you today on the Hodgepodge.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carla. It is a blessing as it helps me be more a 9!

  2. The White Mountains are one of my favorite places and I can't wait to go back there someday. I thought I was the only one who looks for chocolate that my kids have ;)

    1. Have you been to Zebs in N. Conway near the White Mountains? Candy!

  3. great song choice, love that song

    1. It's the only one I could think of! LOL But she has a great voice. I grew up with that music.


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