Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: BIG Changes

Time out for Mom

Where do I begin with this week's Tuesday Coffee Chat with Leslie?

Over the last 2 years 8 months, the changes in my life have been insane. I went from married for 18 years to suddenly divorced in 64 days to unexpectedly married again just over 5 months ago, and inbetween I found the happy, content, more confident me.

But in the last year, the biggest change was marrying Tom and becoming a step-mom. 

We married on Mother's Day in a gazebo with our closest family members. It was an unseasonably warm day (with some concern of a pop-up thunderstorm). Our ceremony was traditional in vows, but unique in ceremony. Tom wore black dress pants and an olive green shirt that match the green in my spring dress. We didn't walk down the aisle, and we didn't have a best man or maid of honor. The kids played on the park fountain and playground. Some of our guests even stood during the ceremony. 

Then it was off to Tom's Mom and Dad's place for family potluck BBQ. (His parents have both passed so it was a way to feel their presence on our special day.) We mingled. We munched on burgers and dogs and salads, and of course cake.

The following weekend we went to New Hampshire for a honeymoon. We had a quiet room in the back of a hotel facing a mountain. We dined. We took a train to the top of the highest peak in New England. And enjoyed each other's company.

And soon we will celebrate our 6th month wedding anniversary!

Join Leslie at Ink Interrupted for Tuesday's Coffee Chat.


  1. Each love story is always so special! Thank you for sharing yours!

  2. What a whirlwind.... but it sounds like the best kind to be swept up in!! And your wedding and honeymoon sound absolutely beautiful. That view!! It's funny how life unfolds sometimes, isn't it? From pain and heartbreak, then back to joy and renewing. I love the testimony this gives that you can have a second chance at finding real love: you just have to have an open and willing heart. :)

  3. Sweet! A very special story. Thank you for sharing.


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