Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Spring has Sprung

1. What's the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word 'spring'? Which phrase best describes the season of spring where you live right now (today)-sprung! almost there, or still waiting?

Muddy! With piles of snow still around. Dripping water off roofs from packed snow and ice. Weather that swings from sunny 40s to snowy 20s in 24 hours.

2. Bed, couch, stapler, garage door, computer mouse, recliner, flashlight, door knob...which household item containing springs most needs replacing in your home? Speaking of springs...did you ever own a Slinky?

Garage door? Leave it to me to BACK into it last winter and snap one of the wires on the side so it doesn't go up and down anymore. We can manually open and close it, but it would be so much easier if I could just push a button. (And, yes, I've had many Slinkys!)

3. March is Women's History Month. Share a favorite quote by a woman.

4. What's a question that looms large in your mind right now?

What does my future hold? marriage? homeschooling? kids? going back to work?

5. Are you a sugar freak? By that I mean how much do you love sugar? With all the bad press sugar gets these days, have you made any efforts to reduce the amount of sugar you consume?

I sure am! I crave my carbs! But I'm trying to lose another 68 pounds. I still have SOME sugar, usually in chocolate form, but I'm focused on becoming healthier and knowing how good I'll feel in the coming months trumps sugar.

6. Would you rather have less work to do or more work you enjoy doing?

I think there's something to be said about staying productive, but also about enjoying those accomplishments. Staying busy physically and mentally is good for all of us! So, let's do more work that we enjoy!

7. Ever been to Texas? Of the top ten Texas tourist attractions which would you most like to see-The Alamo, The San Antonio River Walk, The State Capital, Dallas World Aquarium, Padre Island National Seashore, Houston Space Center, Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Six Flags Fiesta Texas,  Moody Gardens, or Galveston Island?

I've never been to Texas. The closest I've been in Missouri, which really isn't that close...Since I enjoy American history I'll go with The Alamo. I've seen the Schlitterbahn on TV. It looks really cool! (Although I would NEVER go on some of those high, fast waterslides!)

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Happy Hodgepodging!


  1. I wish it snowed near here.. Sometimes it seems cold enough at night in the winter. We only get winter in December and January and spring/summer from then on.

    1. That sounds good to me about now, Nikki! Winter has been LONG and SNOWY here!

  2. We had snow for three total days, not consecutively. That was enough to make me smile and then make me ready for spring.

  3. Nice to visit you today! I'm from TX so it's hard to imagine someone never being here.

    1. But TX is kinda warm...I think every place has it's "challenging" season.

  4. Also, I like your mud picture. That's a good quote too, both of them.

  5. We have so much mud around here too, Jessy!

    1. :; squish squish :: But it won't last too long! Right now it's covered with snow again! ;)


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