Monday, March 23, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Break: The Perfect Age

I'm joining Leslie at Time Out for Mom for Tuesday Coffee Chat. This week's chat prompt? 17 again! If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be?

Right now. Right this moment. THIS is the age for me. But all the years, all the experiences, all the trials-and-errors, brought me to where I am now. And I'm content to be here.

When I look back over my 43 years (and I don't mind sharing that number with you), every stage, every age, every phase, helped shape who I am and what I have become. Those experiences were necessary, the good ones, the challenging ones, and no time was better than another.

I don't want to go back. Nor do I want to go forward. I want to LIVE and ENJOY and GROW in THIS moment.  After all, it's preparing me for the next phase of my life...

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What age would you be? 


  1. As a woman of age 43 also - I totally get all this. there is something about crossing 40 and just starting to feel so much more comfortable in your skin, with your self, with your choices -- your path. I still seek to improve and discover and grow: but it's not the angst fueled frenzy search of my youth. it's slow and measure and sure now. And you're right: I would not want to go back to the other way.

    1. Exactly! We know ourselves now. We know what we want...mostly...and what we don't want. We don't need to be someone we're not to fit in or find out who we are. But there's always room for growth.

  2. lovely post! I have accepted being over 40. Sadly - I am un-accepting of the fact that doing 50 sit ups has almost killed me and my children find me boring. Otherwise, 41 is fabulous~

    1. LOL I'm sure my kids find me boring too. Crocheting? Reading? Watching cooking shows? ;)


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