Welcome to Our Side of the Mountain

Life is ALWAYS a surprise. It twists and turns, never following our visions, never staying on the path we thought it would. Yet, it ends up being just what we need for contentment if we don't let it bog us down and take the time to live it fully.

As I'm writing this, my children are outside enjoying a warm, sunny day after a couple of cool, damp ones. My oldest son, Jake, is looking over our raised garden, seeing what vegetable plants have germinated. ("Mom, the blue potatoes are up!") My creative daughter, Cati, is walking around the yard, ear-buds in, quietly singing her favorite songs from her Smartphone. And my youngest son, Sam, is (im)patiently trying to capture a less-than-willing duck for some, er, bonding time. 

I've spent my morning vacuuming carpets, gathering trash and washing laundry, and contemplating our summer plans. I hope to make fond family memories, ones that the children will remember when they are adults with families of their own. But, as adults, we know that it's the every day things that they'll remember the most.

Our life is simple, uncluttered. The way I've wanted it to be.

Our windows are open for fresh air and the sounds of birds and Spring Peepers filter in. Laundry is hung out to dry in the sun and breeze. The TV doesn't have cable and is only on for video games at the end of the day. We crochet or read or play board games. There's bike riding and walking in the forest surrounding us.  We tend a flock of 10 hens and 2 Pekin ducks. We putz around a small 12x6 garden, thinking of snacking on peas and beans in August and freezing pumpkin puree for the winter. And we look forward to the lake being warm enough to kayak, swim and picnic again.

It's been over 2 years now since my sudden, unexpected divorce after 18 years of marriage. A whole 2 years of new firsts as a family of 4, of balancing single parenting, and juggling a home. It hasn't gone perfectly, but I'm proud of our resilience, especially that of my children.

We're not given more than we can handle.

As life meanders on, more changes come. Life is NEVER static if lived. Our family is growing again. No, not with animals, but with a husband and step-children. There will be more love, more laughter, more challenges. But together we'll muddle through.

Over the years my blogs - there have been 3 in total - have gone through many changes as a reflection of the ones in my life. As my path veers, so do my reflections.


  1. I love this Jessy. I don't know why I've never read it! I think your 'simple' days sound PERFECT! I have so admired how you have handled the changes the last 2 years.

  2. Jessy, I am reading all over your blog today. Even though I didn't know you two years ago, I am already proud of all you have accomplished in that time. I am pretty sure I would have just buried my head and called it a life. Kudos to you!


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