Our Favorite Resources

Please note that GRADES SUGGESTED are either by the website or publisher or what I would use the  resource for. They are approximate only. Don't let them deter you from checking them out! ::grin:: And the names (or the first few words in each line) are clickable and will bring you to the website. (If one doesn't work, could you let me know in the comments section? Thanks!)

Language Arts
Essential Skills Language Arts (Reading/Spelling/Comprehension/Vocab) Gr K-6
Moby Max (Math/Language Arts Lessons) Gr K-8
Book Adventure (Take Quizzes to Earn Points for Prices)  Gr 1-8
Spellits (Spelling Games) Gr 2-6)
Grammar Ninjas Game (Practice Parts of Grammar Video Game)  Gr 3-8
Sentence Clubhouse (Capitals, Punctuation, Types of Sentences) Gr 2-5
Daily Writing Prompts (Day-by-day Writing Ideas)  Gr 3-12
Teacher's Cafe Grammar Activities (Grammar Games) - Gr 4-8
Guide to Grammar and Writing (Grammar/Power Point) - Grade 6-8
Literature Study Units (Lit Studies) Gr 6-8
Vocab Test (SAT Word Building) Gr 6-12
Daily Grammar (440 Quick Grammar Lesson) Gr 6-12
Cliff Notes - Literature (Lit Guides and Questions)  Gr 6-12
English Grammar 101 (6 Modules Online Lessons)  Gr 9-12
Grade Spelling (Spelling Words, Games, Tests) Gr 1-SATs

Critical Thinking Puzzles (Brain Teasers) Gr K-6
Mathematics Enhancement Programme (Complete Curriculum) Gr K-6
Houghton Mifflin Education Place (Leveled Practice Worksheets) Gr K-6
Cool Math 4 Kids (Online Games) Gr 1-8
Math Facts (Online Math Facts) Gr 2-6
Learn to Play Chess (Lessons to Learn and Play Online) Gr 3+

Kids Health (Health and Anatomy) Gr 3-6
Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System (Astronomy) Gr 3-6)
Chem/Physics/Earth Sci/Physics/Bio for Kids (Online Lessons with Quizzes) Gr 4-8
Science Kids (Experiments with Extras) Gr 4-8
Backyard Nature (Botany/Animals/Fungi/Geology/Gardening) Gr 5-8
Middle School Chemistry (Lessons and Experiments) Gr 6-8
Prentice Hall Science Links (Links for Self Quizzes) Gr 6-12
Anatomy Arcade (Online Games) Gr 6-12
Periodic Table of Videos (Video for Each Element) Gr 6-12
EdX Courses (High School College Prep) Gr 9-12
Hippocampus Biology Text Video (Prentice Hall) Gr 9-10
Animal Dissection (Virtual) Gr 9-10

Outline World and Historical Maps (Labelled and Not Labelled) Gr K-12
Topography and Geography Games (World) Gr 3-12
How the States go their Shapes (Geography) Gr 6-12
US History, Politics and Government (Video Lesson) Gr 6-12
America: The Story of Us (Website, Study Guides) Gr 6-12
Have Fun with History (Videos, U.S. History) Gr 6-12
CNN Student News (Videos, Current Events) Gr 6-12

Art for Kids (How to Videos) Gr 1-8
Piano Lessons 4 Kids (Videos) Gr 1+
Harmony Art Mom's Art/Music PDFs (Notebooking Pages) Gr 3-12
Clarinet Sheet Music (with Play) Gr 4+

All Subjects
Homeschool Clipart (Free Worksheets, All Subjects)
Sheppard Software (Online Games, Geography, Health) Gr K-6
Worksheet Works (Math, English, Geography, Puzzles) Gr K-6
Study Jams (Videos and Quizzes Math and Science) Gr 2-6
Discovery K12 (Core) Gr K-12
Khan Academy (Video Curriculum with Practice) Gr 6-12
Sparknotes (A Bit of Everything) Gr 9-12
Coursera (College Courses) Gr 9-12
MIT (College Courses) Gr 9-12
SAT Prep (Practice Tests)  Gr 10-12
NEO12 (Videos, Quizzes and Games Science, Math, Health, Social Studies) Gr K-12

Foreign Language
Online Free Spanish (Elementary)
Duolingo (Learn Languages) Gr 6-12

Flashcard Maker Gr K-12
Typing Web Gr 6+
CLEP (Information) Gr 10-12
Walking Site Moms/Dads