Friday, July 26, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: The One with Campin', Swimmin', and Grillin'

In My Life This Week
I tweaked my lower back while swimming. I guess I'm too old to be doing twists-and-turns under water. :wink: Sam won; he completed 3 flips before coming up for air. :sigh: A painful back meant a week of "rest" (i.e. not lifting or bending much, but still driving here-and-there and doing some housework).

In the Kitchen
• BBQ Burgers with Grilled Corn on the Cob and Tossed Green Salad • Low-fat Greek Yogurt Smoothies with Fresh Berries and Toast • Beef and Barley Soup • Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwiches on Garlic Cheese Bread with Pineapple Slices 

I'm Grateful For
A Coleman tabletop grill my friend A__ gave us! Our OLD grill wasn't working well so it's been WONDERFUL to have a replacement and cook-out again. The kids LOVE BBQ picnics! (And I don't have to cook inside a way-too-hot kitchen.)

Sam's Favorite Thing
Why am I SUCH a softie? :sigh: Meet Winnie, an almost 9-year-old Canadian Toller, who's become Sam's BFF.

Homeschool Happenings
Camp week! Jake and Sam headed to Cub Scout Camp this week where the theme was Knights and Castles. Jake volunteered with the Wolves (2nd graders) and proved VERY valuable to the adult den leader volunteers as he knows his way around the camp like a 2nd home. It's a GREAT experience for him in patience, learning to give clear instructions, teaching, discipline, and being a positive role model for younger boys. And Sam had a blast shooting targets with a bow and arrow or a BB gun, swimming, cooking over a fire, and doing arts and crafts while meeting new friends. For him, camp this year was a HUGE STEP towards independence from the familiar, something that he's uncomfortable with (probably stemming from his SPD). 

And Cati went to her 2nd week of Band Camp. She's LOVING it this year she was able to join the JAZZ BAND and plays snappier music. There are only 2 clarinet players in Jazz so I'm looking forward to her final concert and seeing her music showcased.

Homeschool Helps
FREE! Calendar Binder 26 page printable from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

People and Places
• Rec Lunch and the Lake • Cub Scout Camp • Band Camp 

Something to Share
Phew! It's been SWELTERING in Maine, muggy and hot. (I think I'm ready for Autumn already...) Even the MOOSE need to cool off!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

ISO: Kayla

UPDATE: Kayla has been located! She IS in Ohio and has called a member of her extended family. She is safe. Now, to get her back home with her Mom and brothers!

As a Mom my heart ALWAYS skips a beat to see and hear of kids gone missing or kidnapped or others who runaway. I can ONLY begin to imagine the heartbreak and despair that comes with such an experience for parents, their son or daughter and family.

But it especially hits home when it's the daughter of a childhood friend.

Kayla is 21-years-old. She's 5'4", slender with brown hair and green eyes. She left in the middle of the night with friends, leaving a note behind to not look for her or saying where she was headed. Her note also also said that she felt "thrown away by everyone" and she "wasn't going to deal with it anymore". She didn't say who she was with or where she was going but wanted to "take control of her life" and "it was time for her to go".

Her family is beside themselves with worry and are reaching out to everyone to be on the look-out for their daughter. They don't have much to go on but her brief note.

If you're in the south, in or near Florida, or perhaps in Ohio (as they believe she could be heading to see a man there), keep a look-out for Kayla. Please leave a comment below with any information I can pass along. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: My Birds Return to the Nest

In My Life This Week
All my baby birds have returned to the nest! And the house looks "lived in" again.  (Should I mention the water dripping down from the livingroom ceiling? Accidental WATER GUN squirt from Sam of course! :wink:) But, after 2 weeks, I welcome the mess and noise! I think.

As the Garden Grows and Clucks and Quacks
Well, our garden is starting to produce veggies, beans mostly and a few peas. I'd share some photos, but the weeds have ALSO been "producing". :sigh: It's a jungle out there!

We also go a MONSTER EGG while the kids were off visiting family. I chose the BIGGEST duck and chicken eggs from the frig to show a comparison. The MONSTER EGG is in the center. (Keep in mind that our duck eggs are JUMBO size.) HUGE! It turned out to be a double yolker!

In the Kitchen
Soups and salads! It seems kind of CRAZY to have HOT SOUPS in the middle of summer, even in Maine, but they're easy, filling and a BIG pot is enough for 2-3 meals. (I'm ALL FOR cooking once, eating twice! LOL) Add a salad and we're eating lots and lots of veggies. Nothing wrong with that, right? 

Lasagna Soup with a Spinach-Romaine Tossed Salad and Fresh Homemade Crusty bread (from a Bread Machine)

I'm Grateful For
Seasons! Autumn, my favorite season of the year is just around the corner. I ALWAYS look forward to warmer weather after a LONG winter, but I'm ready for cooler days and pretty foliage and a new school year.

Things I Worked On
• Putting in a Smaller, Rounder, Deeper "Pool" in the Run for the Ducks • Moving Furniture Around 

My Favorite Thing
Fans. Without AC, fans have been a life-saver with these muggy 90s!

Homeschool Happenings
*I* read. Does that count? LOL

Did you know that "Wild Kratts" is on Netflix now? The Kratt brothers explore animals around the globe and have Creature Power Suits. We've been spending some HOT afternoons watching it.

Sam did BEGIN to learn to roll coins. We've been saving our change for a while for our August trip. He soon found that rolling change isn't so much fun. :wink:

Homeschool Helps
I noticed that school supply sales have started! Don't forget to compare ads for the cheapest prices! (And most sales flyers can be found on-line to make a list beforehand.)

People and Places
• On the Island With Grandpa and Nannie Lobster (All) • Noodle's Birthday Party (All) • Dentist (All) • Band Camp (C) • Rec Center Lunch (All) • Lake (All) • Clothes Shopping (All) 

Something Silly to Share

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: The One Where I'm Home Alone

I'm not sure I like this 'home alone' stuff. :sniff: :sniff:

My kiddos wanted to spend more time with Grandpa and Nannie Lobster, so they packed up and went back with them after their visit here. They've been enjoying some SPOILING TIME while I've had "downtime".

I get that moms, especially single moms, NEED time away from the kids, and the kids NEED time away from mom, but I get bored...and a little lonely. I'm not one of those moms who wants time away from her kids that often. I enjoy them - their zaniness, messes and questions - even if they exhaust and challenge me too!

But it's TOO quiet when they're gone!

Yeah, quiet. :sigh: There ARE days when ALL I want is quiet for 5 minutes. How about you? But several days of JUST the fish tank bubbling in the livingroom - until I sold it to another homeschooling family - and the click of laptop keys and I need the TV on for "background noise".

I'll admit it..."Ricki", "Ellen" and "Judge Judy" kept me company some afternoons. That Judge Judy!

(Psst! Unfortunately I didn't take many photos this week to share.)

Family and friends who give of themselves, their time, energy, and even money, to my kiddos, and enrich their lives with new experiences and wonderful memories. Thank you!

Mostly I watched a UNIQUE selection of DVDs, read "beach books", worked in the garden, played with the animals, sold some curricula, and continued on with home improvement projects.

I moved on from DECLUTTERING/ORGANIZING to PAINTING. Our "leftover" paint cans caught my eye one day, so I looked through, found what colors we had, and started repainting some areas around the downstairs. We're looking cleaner and brighter!

And complained to Rosie, our Golden Retriever, about the mud. :sigh: With all the rain we've been having, parts of our yard, especially around the chicken coop, have turned into  slippery "mud bogs".

I attended a planning meeting for a new co-op. One of my goals for this upcoming year is for Cati and Sam to have OTHER INSTRUCTORS, VARIED LEARNING EXPERIENCES and TO MEET NEW FRIENDS. So, we'll see how things "pan out" with this new co-op.

Have you seen the website Teachers Pay Teachers? Well, I got this idea to click on the FREE button and then 3rd grade (for Sammy) and voila! download "mayham"! You should check it out! Lots and Lots of cute downloads!

Chinese take-out...for the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day! BBQing or picnicking without the kids just seemed like too much work...and NO WAY am I brave enough to mingle with the CROWDS in-town for lake space!

But what I DIDN'T do was cook much. Why bother for ONE PERSON, right? Well, OK, I cooked, but nothing exciting. :wink: I did spend QUITE a bit of time pinning crockpot SOUP recipes on Pinterest though. Do you have a recipe?

• Walmart • Hannaford • Post Office  Library • Garage • Dollar Tree 


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