Friday, July 26, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: The One with Campin', Swimmin', and Grillin'

In My Life This Week
I tweaked my lower back while swimming. I guess I'm too old to be doing twists-and-turns under water. :wink: Sam won; he completed 3 flips before coming up for air. :sigh: A painful back meant a week of "rest" (i.e. not lifting or bending much, but still driving here-and-there and doing some housework).

In the Kitchen
• BBQ Burgers with Grilled Corn on the Cob and Tossed Green Salad • Low-fat Greek Yogurt Smoothies with Fresh Berries and Toast • Beef and Barley Soup • Egg and Ham Breakfast Sandwiches on Garlic Cheese Bread with Pineapple Slices 

I'm Grateful For
A Coleman tabletop grill my friend A__ gave us! Our OLD grill wasn't working well so it's been WONDERFUL to have a replacement and cook-out again. The kids LOVE BBQ picnics! (And I don't have to cook inside a way-too-hot kitchen.)

Sam's Favorite Thing
Why am I SUCH a softie? :sigh: Meet Winnie, an almost 9-year-old Canadian Toller, who's become Sam's BFF.

Homeschool Happenings
Camp week! Jake and Sam headed to Cub Scout Camp this week where the theme was Knights and Castles. Jake volunteered with the Wolves (2nd graders) and proved VERY valuable to the adult den leader volunteers as he knows his way around the camp like a 2nd home. It's a GREAT experience for him in patience, learning to give clear instructions, teaching, discipline, and being a positive role model for younger boys. And Sam had a blast shooting targets with a bow and arrow or a BB gun, swimming, cooking over a fire, and doing arts and crafts while meeting new friends. For him, camp this year was a HUGE STEP towards independence from the familiar, something that he's uncomfortable with (probably stemming from his SPD). 

And Cati went to her 2nd week of Band Camp. She's LOVING it this year she was able to join the JAZZ BAND and plays snappier music. There are only 2 clarinet players in Jazz so I'm looking forward to her final concert and seeing her music showcased.

Homeschool Helps
FREE! Calendar Binder 26 page printable from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

People and Places
• Rec Lunch and the Lake • Cub Scout Camp • Band Camp 

Something to Share
Phew! It's been SWELTERING in Maine, muggy and hot. (I think I'm ready for Autumn already...) Even the MOOSE need to cool off!

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  1. LOL I love the moose photo. You guys are having great summer fun. Always busy.

  2. So sorry to hear about your back - ouch! Hope it is healing well. Looks like a great week for you all :0) We've been cooler here in the midwest, which makes me think of Autumn. Crazy, because I'm sure we'll have more summer weather first. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ouch and sympathy about your back. Hope it's all better soon. Glad the kids are having fun at camp. Where did the beautiful dog come from?

    1. Winnie was my sister's dog, but she's not able to care for her anymore.

  4. Campin', swimmin' and grillin'...what could be better!! So sorry about your back! Looks like you had a great week in spite of it. That dog!!!! How beautiful. Happy weekend Jessy and I hope your back is better.

  5. Winnie is adorable and the camping looks like lots of fun!

  6. That moose pic really is hilarious. I hope your back is healing - good for you playing so hard, though. Lucky Cati in the jazz band. I always wanted to play the clarinet when I was a kid (we couldn't afford it) and I would have loved to have played in a band. Great to hear Sam enjoyed camp. That's our next big milestone for my son with SDP.

    1. All the best with your son going to camp. This year was especially hard for Sam as his Dad didn't volunteer. (He's volunteered for years.) He missed a day as he was disappointed and upset, but he ended the week strong after Dad visited. Perhaps one of you could volunteer for a familiar face?

  7. So sorry to hear about your back! Hope it is feeling a little better each day. :-) Winnie is precious! I'm sure she will bring your family much joy and laughter. The moose picture has me lol! Hope you have a good rest of your weekend. :-)

  8. LOVE the moose photo!! Looks like tubing and swimming was a lot of fun - sorry you tweaked your back though. Hope you're feeling better!

  9. The moose picture is great. I hope you back is feeling better.
    Blessings, dawn

  10. Love as always! Glad you got a camp stove for out door cookin'!! Thanks for linking up at Thrilling Thursday!


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