Friday, March 6, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun: Week 203

I'm joining Hilary and her co-host at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun. Why not fill in this week's 4 statements with your own creative twists and link up?


1. Having to _____ makes me _____.
2. When it is _____, I _____.
3. Chocolate is _____.
4. How do you feel after _____?

My Fill Ins

1. Having to wash up a pile of food-encrusted dishes makes me want to buy paper plates and plastic utensils so I can just toss after use.
2. When it is over and all the dishes are washed, dried and put away, I give a huge sigh of relief and wonder how I can get the kids to take over.
3. Chocolate is a mood-improver after doing a mountain of dirty dishes!
4. How do you feel after your sink is cleared of dishes and sparkly clean?

Feeling Beachie

Have fun fillin'!


  1. I am seeing a dish washing theme :)

    1. LOL Well, I wrote this up after doing a big ol' mountain of dirty dishes. :sigh:

  2. i wash my pots and pans before I eat that way I don't have a mess after!

    1. I try to do some, but it's the kids and their drink cups that add up!


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