Thursday, January 17, 2013

History and Geography Meme 58: All Things Beautiful and Our Side Linkin' Up!

Sweet Phyllis has asked me (Our Side of the Mountain) to co-host the History and Geography meme with her for a bit as she goes through her cancer treatment and recovery. (To see how she's doing, visit her On the Mend blog here.) Please keep her and her wonderful family in your thoughts.

Now, just because I'm new at this co-hosting thing, I thought I would start out by sharing a little about what we're doing for History and Geography this year. 

My oldest Sapling White Pine is in 8th or 9th grade, depending.  Sometimes it's tricky to nail down those grade levels. ::wink:: He chose to work independently through Around the World in 180 Days, a research curriculum for grades K-12. (IMO I would say it's more grades 5+ though.)  This curriculum breaks down the world into continents (mostly) and asks students to research and answer questions about history, religion, culture, and geography. White Pine keeps his work in a notebook.

And my 2 younger Saplings, Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir, are learning with Story of the World Volume One with activity book and wall timeline. I read aloud from the book while my Saplings fill out their maps with dates, people and events.

That's us in a nutshell! Your turn! I'd love to see what you and your kiddos have been learning in History and Geography!

I hope that you will continue to link your new (and old) posts with any history and geography topic to this meme every Thursday. Please include this button on either the post you have linked or your sidebar or mention All Things Beautiful History and Geography meme in your post with a link. All posts that do not link directly to a history or geography post will be deleted. Remember that I am pinning all posts to Pinterest.

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  1. Very cool meme, I love history!!! We are still enjoying Tapestry of Grace for history, but I really do love those localized history lessons. It really does help with the big picture of history, right??


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