Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bon Voyage! Flat Sam Heads to Alaska!

Have you heard of the Flat Stanley project? It's based on the Flat Stanley chapter books by Jeff Brown. In the first book, Stanley Lambchop becomes flat after a bulletin board falls on him and he travels to California to visit family in an envelope. 

This literary adventure sparked the imagination of teachers and soon LOTS of Flats started traveling the world while kids waited excitedly for their them to return with daily journals and sometimes even a postcard, photos or special items from their host families.

What's a Flat? Well, a Flat is a paper doll or even animal. It can be drawn free hand, colored and cut out, or it can be a person or animal from a magazine, or a paper doll from a box, but the idea is that the student makes a paper "person" that can be sent through the mail in a regular sized envelope.

And now my youngest has sent out his very first Flat! When I pulled Flat Stanley from our bookshelves for him to read, I knew I would try to find somewhere for Balsam Fir to send a Flat out too.  I was super excited when Kay from Kay's Little Korner agreed to be his host family. Yippee! You see, Kay and her family live in Alaska...and we're planning a vacation there in August.What  better way to start learning about Alaska than sending out a Flat to a family LIVING there?!

So, Balsam Fir and I searched through Making Friends for a paper doll to turn into a Flat. He chose to make a Cub Scout paper doll that he named Sam, which we stuck contact paper too (to give it some protection on its travels).

Then we made a simple journal with folded white typing paper and colored cardstock. We also used part of an envelope, glued to the front, to hold our paper traveler.

And now Flat Sam is on his way to the north! 

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  1. Woohoo! We are ready to host him!! I think the boys are going to take him into their sub zero snow forts first. Then he will sip some hot cocoa while looking at the mountains that surround our house :-) We are pretty excited to be hosting Sam!

  2. Looks fun! I remember when we did Flat Stanley - what a great way to learn about other areas! :)

  3. We love Flat Stanley! My son is wrapping up his Flat Stanley project now. We had so much fun and got a great response for host families. Even some overseas! I hope you guys have as much fun as we did!

  4. How fun! We hosted a Flat Stanley when we lived in Georgia a couple of years ago. I may have to check into starting this again with my son.

  5. I believe the actual guys are likely to acquire your pet within their bass speaker no snowfall forts very first. He then may glass a few hot chocolate acquire the best in the mountain tops which encompass our home

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