Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen: Fly Guy Approved! Shoo Fly Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

You know what's really special? Snuggling under a warm blanket on a chilly morning with your little guy while he reads to you for an hour. 

"Shoo, Fly Guy!"

Have you seen the Fly Guy books? It's a series of Scholastic early readers about a boy named Buzz who has a pet fly.


And Balsam Fir thinks they're funny!

The books are really too easy for him, but sometimes you just gotta read for pleasure rather than challenge, right? And it's a wonderful way to build his self-confidence and enjoyment with reading.

Fly Guy's favorite food is "brown, oozy, lumpy, and smelly" Shoo Fly Pie. Go figure! ::wink:: I had a "light bulb" moment and asked Balsam Fir if he would like to MAKE a Shoo Fly Pie. 

"Shoo Fly Pie is really a pie?"

So, I searched All Recipes on-line and found this simple Shoo Fly Pie recipe. But wait - no crust! (Yes, I buy my crusts and just roll them out! ::wink::) Could we REALLY make the crust from scratch too? 

I found a pie crust recipe on All Recipes called "Easy to Remember Pie Crust" here with only 3 ingredients. And you know what? It worked! We can actually make a decent pie crust from scratch! 

Well, at least my 7-year-old can! ::laugh::

Once the crust was chilled, rolled out, trimmed, and filled with our Shoo Fly molasses layer and brown sugar-flour crumble, we waited impatiently for it to bake and cool. It smelled wonderful! And then we topped it with French vanilla ice cream...

and we had one proud chef-in-training!

But we're still working on this part! ::sigh::

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  1. Yum!! I'm with you on the crust part, we go with Pillsbury refrigerated dough. Tastes yummy:)

  2. I think we made one a while back. How fun for him.

  3. I meant to ask you, aren't you the winner of my Amish cookbook giveaway? There was a recipe in that cookbook.

    1. I was! But my Dad was flipping through it and decided that HE wanted my MOM to try some of the recipes and they've had it ever since! LOL

  4. Too funny! Well I do hope you get it back soon.

  5. Oh, yum! Just wanted to let you know your post is up at ATB.

  6. Oh hey, good reminder! I need to look these books up at the library. My 8yr old needs some encouragement reading. He is struggling right now.

    Years ago I had the same panic, pie was wanted, no crust in the freezer!!! So I had to make one from a very old recipe book. It turned out amazing and no one in this house has let me go back :-( I am so glad you found something that worked. I had no idea Shoo Fly Pie was real??


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