Thursday, January 31, 2013

History and Geography Meme 60: A History and Geography WALL Center

Have you ever considered creating a History and Geography CENTER? It doesn't have to be anything complicated or even take a lot of space, but a simple world map and a timeline  ON THE WALL can make for a very interesting and engaging learning resource.

I've had some questions about our History and Geography Center at Our Side of the Mountain, so I thought I would share my resources with you.

So, on the left is our WALL CENTER. Our school room is actually our 10x10 diningroom. A wall resource works best for us because it doesn't take floor space. I found Story of the World timeline strips and cards from Tending Our Lord's Garden here. It's a FREE resource, folks! Isn't that awesome? The strips are even color-coded for different time periods and the cards are varied enough that they can be used with other curricula too. Don't use SOTW? No problem! Did you notice the HOT PINK Post-its? We've been adding additional events to highlight events we've read outside of SOTW as well.

We added a world map. It's hard to see here, but I cut strips of Post-its to "point out" the areas we've studied. Although SOTW has great black-line maps, they don't show the areas in a WORLD CONTEXT. I feel it's important to see the "whole view" for a fuller perspective. 

And the best part of this wall center is that I find the kids reading the cards and searching for areas on the map all on their own! It's there for when they want to use it! 

Do you have a great resource? Link it up below!

Sweet Phyllis has asked me to co-host the History and Geography meme with her for a bit as she goes through her cancer treatment and recovery. (To see how she's doing, visit her On the Mend blog here.) Please keep her and her wonderful family in your thoughts.

I hope that you will continue to link your new (and old) posts with any history and geography topic to this meme every Thursday. Please include this button on either the post you have linked or your sidebar or mention All Things Beautiful History and Geography meme in your post with a link. All posts that do not link directly to a history or geography post will be deleted. Remember that I am pinning all posts to Pinterest.


  1. It looks great. I like your little History timeline. I don't have wall space. Go figure!

    Our house has more windows than walls.

    1. We need more windows, Rachel, as sometimes inside feels like a cave. With the trees everywhere, it's pretty dark! Enjoy those windows! LOL

  2. I have always wanted a wall map, but we just don't have the wall space right now. Soon, I think. Yours looks great!

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