Friday, June 24, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: June 18-24

In My Life This Week
We had FEW scheduled activities this week! I can't remember a week THIS YEAR that we didn't have an activity, usually a bunch EVERY DAY, to run too! Of course we weren't "couch potatoes" all week (even though I was tempted), but it was WONDERFUL to come-and-go as we pleased. 

In Our Homeschool This Week
Did you see that our new baby chicks hatched? The kids were SUPER DUPER excited! They even got to see one pop out of its shell! 4 mostly browns, 3 mostly blacks and 2 mostly yellow chicks joined us. 3 eggs were not fertile which made our hatch rate 100%! I believe we have 5 hens and 4 cockerels, so we'll be finding homes for the roosters. And the kids PROBABLY have us talked into keeping the hens. So, where to get a coop?
Some of Our Little Cheepers
C and S spent some time drawing.
S's Cartoon Alien
Isn't C's Shark Awesome?
S put together a 100 piece Scooby Doo puzzle. Puzzles are VERY difficult for him because of his visual tracking difficulties, but he stuck with it with a little help and encouragement.

The kids are off to a roaring start with their library Summer Reading Program goals! They spent A LOT of time sitting in the mottled shade under the evergreens inside Cheeper's wire run while Cheeper dug and searched for bugs to her content.
C Reading Sounder With Cheeper Digging and Exploring in the Wire Run
Seeds, Seeds, Seeds by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace inspired seed exploration by S. I'd HIGHLY recommend it for preschoolers through Grade 1 for Botany, Garden or plant studies. There's activities right in the reading to bring the information alive. S created his own labelled seed collection just like the Buddy in the story!
S's Seed Collection Poster
We had some "serious" trivia game competitions with Brain Quest: America. Even I'm learning some facts that I didn't know! (Shhh! C spends time reading the questions and answers so that she'll be better prepared between games!)
 Places We're Going and People We're Seeing
  • C had her Softball Championship game on Saturday. Unfortunately they lost, but their season ended with a record of 7-3 and that's GREAT! On Monday we - PARENTS - played against the girls to celebrate. Guess who won?
  • We went to my ILs to celebrate Father's Day Saturday night. FIL is the grill-master, grilling turkey for us! And the chocolate fondue MIL made with C wasn't so bad either!
  • We spent an afternoon swimming at the lake.
  • S finished up T-ball on Wednesday, getting his participation trophy and popsicles.
  • The kids spent Thursday afternoon playing at their friends' house.
  • At the library the kids each got their own small zen garden, complete with sand, rocks and a mini rake! We also go LOTS of books, a couple videos and a book-on-CD for our road trip this weekend.
  • I dropped S off with my ILs for the weekend to play with his 5-year-old cousin. They have LOTS of fun things planned that he's excited about. And I picked up J's friend T who will be staying with us for the week.

    My Favorite Thing This Week Was
    Watching the kids play with the new chicks and seeing how excited they are were my favorite things this week. Their calm, caring manners with the animals are wonderful!
    J Rubbing Cheeper II As it Sleeps in his Hands
    J Rubbing Another Chick to Sleep
    I Call This One Ewok! LOL
    What's Working/Not Working For Us
    I don't know why and I'm not going to question it, but having a Chore Competition gets my kids rollin' with cleaning! The kid who properly completes the most chores from the list gets $2.00, but to encourage ALL the kids, 2nd place gets $1.00 and 3rd place .50 cents. It's TOTALLY worth the $3.50 for me! (What's $3.50 for getting 35 chores completed in a couple of days, freeing up our days for taking the kids to the lake?)
    Questions/Thoughts I have
    Have we turned into a crazy CHICKEN family?! LOL The kids can't get enough of this new experience! I'm sure it'll wear off over time, right?
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    1. So, this was a week that wasn't busy? What do the busy ones look like? I love the little chicks! Darling...

      Many blessings!

    2. I LOVE Nancy Elizabeth Wallace!!! She is one of my fave children's authors. Need to place her stuff on my Amazon wish list so I actually end up with her series in my house. We check her out often!

    3. Love the baby chicks! I've been trying to find some for my daughter to hold and pet around her. You'd think they were extinct in this area.

    4. I especially love the shark drawing and the seed poster. Great week!

    5. I love the chore competition :) I'm all for creative ways to get kids to help. We've tried various ways, but they all require us to be in one place long enough to get a routine going (not happening these days, lol). So now I just ask the kids to help when needed, and gave them a warning already about tomorrow (Sunday in-laws are coming over, lol).
      Great chick pics!! Missy was looking at your pics over my shoulder and asked when we can get some too :)

    6. The shark drawing is awesome! My nature loving boy would be begging to have chicks if he saw this :) Sounds like you are taking full advantage of summer - way to go!! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

    7. Oh, I want to hatch some chiks with my children, but I don't know how well the chicks and my dogs Prissie & Bo Bo would take to each other.
      You all seem to really be enjoying your summer.

    8. You got lots of chicks!! Adorable. I love the sound of their cheeps. I know my hubby would not go for it right now, but I really want to do this again. So sweet.

      Great drawings! That alien is fierce and the shark is impressive.

    9. Cute, cute chickies.

      We're the opposite when it comes to activities. I REFUSE to have them everyday. Too stressful for us. I'm glad you got to enjoy some down time.

    10. I just put Seeds Seeds Seeds on hold at the library. My 7YO will love it because it's bears and nature - 2 of her favorite things! Thanks for stopping by.

    11. Baby chick are so cute! And alien and the shark drawings are very impressive.

    12. What a wonderful week you had! Sometimes, the spontaneous "unplanned" ones are the very best!

      I have given you the "Versatile Blogger Award!" Visit my blog at for details. Congratulations! :-)))

    13. The chicks are so cute! Good luck becoming a chicken family!

    14. I love the cute chicks.
      New follower from Fun Tuesday hop.
      Hope you follow back.

    15. Your header picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!

      I'm your newest follower from the Fun Tues Blog Hop. Looking forward to reading about homeschooling!

    16. We homeschool too! Just became a follower from Fun Tuesday Blog Hop. Look forward to connecting more in days to come. ~ Jen

    17. Yes, that shark is awesome!

    18. Well...I pretty much want to come and do school at your house...LOVE the baby chicks.. :)
      Thanks so much for sharing this with NOBH
      Kara @ The Chuppies/NOBH

    19. The Around the World Diary is published by Winter Promise so it's not available anywhere else. And, like all things put out by them, it's poor in quality.


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