Thursday, June 2, 2011

As The Garden Grows

Despite several weeks of cool, WET weather in May, J's Square Foot veggie garden and C's raised flower bed have sprouted plants. Our Spinach seeds never arrived from Gurney - we recently received a refund and a $5 off coupon for another order - so J filled that spot with Winter Squash. And R, our Golden Retriever dug up a small section of C's flower bed, so she planted Cosmos seeds. So, here's the garden tour!
Lincoln Peas

We Saw This Spider Near the Beans
Tomatoes Have Yellow Flowers
Carrots Going Wild
Banana Peppers Are Hanging On
Cucumbers Have Sprouted
Oregano and Basil Look the Same as 2 Weeks Ago
Our rain collection barrel has a crack in it, so C came up with a creative way to water her garden: she poked holes in the lid of a juice bottle with a hammer and nail, and then filled it with water. (The garden hose reaches J's garden.) Pretty neat, huh?
C's New Waterer Works Awesome
And Yes, She's Gardening in PJs! LOL
Glads? Irises?
Glads? Irises?


  1. Looks like your garden is doing pretty good! Won't be long before you will be picking veggies! :)

  2. Your garden has a great start! The weather certainly has not helped anything. Look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  3. Of course she is gardening in her pjs! Is there any other way? What a great project for your kids.

  4. Love the PJ's, That's our school uniform for the most part, LOL.

  5. Everything looks like it is going to do great in your garden. That is one big spider! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your square foot garden.

  6. I love the watering invention :)


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