Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chick Hatching Journal #2

Our 12 Eggs - Tans, Pinks, Blues, and Greens
Day 20
I checked on the 12 incubating eggs at 5:30pm and UNEXPECTEDLY found 4 pipped eggs! I thought I had heard some faint cheeps earlier in the day, but with Cheeper cheeping constantly nearby I thought it was her. Kids are SUPER DUPER excited!

We watched one egg wiggle around like crazy and heard some faint cheeping at 8:00pm. The pipped hole in one egg is larger and the membrane is now broken through. We can see movement through the hole.

At 9:20pm I check the eggs and - SURPRISE! - one yellow chick has hatched! It's doing well - cheeping and moving around, but oh-so-tiny! (Was Cheeper ever THAT little?!)
Taken Through the Incubator Window - Yellow Chick Minutes Old
The kids were able to watch Chick #2 - ALL black - hatch at 10:50pm! Sam says, "Mom, it's a miracle! This is the COOLEST thing ever!" I'm SO glad that they actually got to see a chick hatch! What an experience for them!

Chick #3, black, popped out at 12:10am. Chicks #1, #2 and #3 are transferred into the brooder and are doing well. Here's a video of them just minutes after going into the brooder. They're still a little damp!
Sometime between 3:30-4:30am (as I was sleeping), Chick #4, black, and Chick #5, yellow, hatched. 2 more eggs are visibly pipped. The kids rush down soon after for an update!

At 5:50am, Chick #6 pushed its way out of the shell, another black. Our Golden Retriever isn't so sure about all the LOUD cheeping! LOL Chick #4 and #5 are moved into the brooder with the others.

Chick #7 hatched at 9:00am, and once again another black! Chick #6 transferred to the brooder with his or her "siblings". And at 10:00am, Chick #8 joined us. ANOTHER black. 6 blacks and 2 yellow/blacks.  4 eggs left, 1 pipped. Wonder if the other 3 un-pipped eggs will hatch?

Day 21
We're still waiting our Chick #9. It was one of the first to pip, but has not made any progress in almost 24 hours. (It's now 3:15pm.) I started chipping around the top (without breaking the membrane covering the chick). This is what the chick would do if it could. It's cheeping weakly and moving a little. My kids know from our first hatching that weaker chicks sometimes don't make it. (The other 3 eggs were not fertile.)

But Chick #9, a black and white, is a strong one! After I cracked the shell all the way around and removed the inner membrane and slid it partially out 2 hours later, it gave one big, exhausted push to finish the process, and soon joined it's 8 buddies in the brooder!
The 3 Colors: Black (with Tan or White), Brown (with Black and White) and Yellow (with Brown)
Some of the Baby Chicks in the Brooder


  1. WOW!! I'd love to have witness all this first hand! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an awesome experience for your kids!

  3. Aww adorable! we did this when I was in preschhol so many, many years ago but I still remember it!
    ~Jada Roo Can Do

  4. Oh wow! What an awesome experience for them. Baby chicks sure are noisy.

  5. oh I soooooo want t do this- I remember my daddy putting baby chicks in the sand box with me- your chicks look just like my memory!

  6. Oh that looks so awesome. So glad they all made it;)

  7. All the chicks are doing wonderfully! They're already growing and growing new feathers! Thanks everyone for stopping in!

  8. Wow, that looks so fun. This is something that I have on my agenda to try sometime.

  9. This is great :) How exciting!

  10. Just "hopping" over again to visit from the HHH. What a wonderful experience for your children! (and you, as well!) The miracle of life is breathtaking, isn't it? :-)

  11. How fun! What a great experience for your kids! We hope to get chickens after our move, the kids are really looking forward to it!

  12. What cute new additions you have! I would love to have chickens~My hubby isn't so sure:)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  13. Thanks for sharing this! I would so love to be able to do this!


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