Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up June 30 - July 6: The One With Hobbling

In My Life This Week
Hobbling around with a pinched Sciatic. ((sigh)) I tried  not letting it slow me down, but it annoyingly did. I guess a few days resting with my laptop, Kindle Fire and several books isn't all THAT bad, right? And it's even better when everyone is pitching in to do my housework! My back might need a rest NEXT WEEK too...Just kidding. Kind of. LOL

Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir Drew Our Family on our Dirt
Road with Sticks

I did get out for slow, limping walks around the yard, excited about the growing garden and enjoying the bright, summer weather. The Sugar Snap peas are almost ready! The beans are flowering, and the pumpkins, corn, potatoes, and cucumbers are taking off. The elderberry has beautiful clusters of tiny white flowers, the crab-apple tree has tiny apples, and the cherry tree has little cherries. Everything is bloomin'!

Elderberry Blooms and Buds

And we enjoyed some "lazy" summer days at the lake with friends. The kids went swimming...and I enjoy the view from the shade in my camp chair with my library books, chatting with other Moms, and, um, resting my back.

Balsam Fir and Sugar Maple Digging in the Sand After Swimming

What's for Dinner and Dessert?
(Click on the recipe name to see the recipe.)

Mom's Macaroni Salad from Favorite Family Recipes. Reese's Peanut Butter Bars from Baker Lady. Soda Pop Ice Cream from The Farmer's Nest.

Homeschool Happenings
((echooo echooo)) OK, see the next section! LOL Now, Sugar Maple DID do some keyboarding and writing for a couple of product reviews coming up, but otherwise not much schooling going around the mountain. It's summertime, right?

Flipping Pages
Where's your favorite place to read with/to your kids?  We spent many HOURS this week under the shady maple trees, swaying in the hammock, reading, while the the "clucks and quacks" foraged near by and splashed in the brook, and the Mourning Doves cooed from the woods. Such a pleasant time!

Places We Went and People We Saw
♦ Swimming and Playing with Buddies at the Lake ♦ T__ Hung Out and Stayed the Night ♦ Gym Games and Lunch at the Rec Center ♦ B__ Hung Out with White Pine and Sugar Maple Hung Out with C__ ♦  Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Games ♦ 

Helpful Homeschool Hint
I found this COOL - pun intended! LOL - summer motivation printable from iMom. As the Saplings read or do Math or another subject (as I wanted to include writing, mapwork, clarinet practice, and unit studies too), we place stickers in the boxes. And when it's full, we're off to the ice cream shop!

What's Working/Not Working?

Our weather! Lots of sunny high 70s/low 80s with some heavy rain here and there. It's been just enough rain that we haven't had to worry about dragging the hose out to the garden to water it. And it's perfect for spending time at the lake, swimming and relaxing!

Photo, Video, Link, or Quote to Share
Ha! Ha! There's some "questionable" words in the song for young listeners, but the "fancy footwork" of the chickens are a real hoot cluck!

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  1. Sorry about your owie! Hope it heals quickly.

    Glad you're enjoying some nice weather. It's way too hot here.

  2. Hope your feeling better soon. It's nice to have a little rest but much after that you'll go stir crazy if your like me! ha ha Ps. Love the video! I think you have to have chickens to truly appreciate it! haha

  3. Love the summer motivation printable.

    Hope your back feels better.

    Did you guys read all those books this week? Way to go! I have let my kids watch too much TV this week

  4. Fun ice cream chart! I like that idea.

    I do hope your back is better soon. I've only had that once or twice, but my mom had those kinds of issues for decades. It's NO fun!!

  5. I love your photos! So fun and summery. Hope you back feels better soon!

  6. I really like a lot of those books that you read this week. Makes me want to run down to the local library or over to the book depository. :o)

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ugh! Sciatic pain is awful! I'm sorry to hear that you're dealing with that..hope you're feeling better soon.
    Seems like the ice cream reward system is working for you :) I love ice cream!
    You have some great books in your list this week!
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources.

  8. Oooh! Get better soon! And I am JEALOUS of your weather. Only got up to 105 here in Oklahoma today.

  9. I am so sorry you feel bad Jessy. Hope you are feeling better today. Your weather sounds amazing. SO HOT here! Your elderberries are gorgeous. Everything is DEAD here. :/ The things you eat always sound so delicious!! And I love all the books. Our favorite place to read is in the hammock. You know what we do? Get an extension cord and bring my big fan out there. ;) Yes it is THAT hot! Loved the chicken video. Keilee really liked the egg stop motion part. :)

  10. Looks like you guys have been enjoying your summer despite your sciatica. Sorry about that. I know how that feels. We have been enjoying our little lake too. It's been nice meeting you. I hope you'll check out my blog too!

  11. Hope your healing, sciatica can be painful:( Going to the beach sounds lovely, we tried to go a couple of weeks ago but it rained and it was cold:) I am going to try that math chart for my son as he is so slow in that area

  12. Hi Jessie, hope your back is better. The chart seems like a great motivational tool. I may have to try that.
    Been a while since I've blogged. Looks like you guys have been busy.


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