Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Plus - Activities! Workbooks! Worksheets! Galore!

Remember our Math Coordinates Mini Study in May? Well, that really cool single quadrant coordinates game, Dice-Tic-Tac-Toe, was from Education.comAnd they asked me to review other workbooks, worksheets, activities, and videos from their educational website. Score!

How can we not be excited to review such colorful, fun workbooks and kid-engaging worksheets? is an one-stop website for 1000s of worksheets and printables for grades Pre-school - high school and numerous workbooks for grades Preschool - 5th grade! What subjects? Lots! covers reading, writing, math, science, social studies, coloring, and games! And has TONS of activities to "spice up" our homeschools...or even just to do something new and fun on a rainy or snowy day!

So, what did we choose to check out for this review? (But you'll be seeing more of these worksheets and workbooks on my weekly wrap-ups in the future! LOL)

Well, Sugar Maple decided to start out with Monster Writing (Grade 5). This 23 page downloaded PDF workbook focused on famous historical monsters, such as Frankenstein, and included creative writing prompts. Each page took Maple about 20-30 minutes to complete, but she took her time and we reviewed writing skills along the way.

For us, workbooks and worksheets are PERFECT for concept review!

Monster Writing 5th Grade - Printed Out and Put in Sugar
Maple's Summer Studies Work Folder...Yeah, I Ran out of
Black Ink on the VERY FIRST Page LOL
A Sample Creative Writing Prompt Page 
A Writing Lesson About Frankenstein

And staying with the writing theme, Balsam Fir also working on a writing workbook. I stuck with 1st grade (even though he's going into 2nd) because, well, he doesn't like to write. Period. (Pun intended. LOL) With his fine motor skill challenges, it's better to complete activities with LESS writing than more.

What I really like is that each workbook focuses in one particular area. Perfect to "shore up" any of those areas that a kiddo is struggling in! And the workbooks aren't daunting because most are under 30 pages! (It's pretty easy on the printer ink too...if you don't run out on the very first page like I did! LOL)

The worksheets can be downloaded in subject sets or individual or even CUSTOMIZED BULK DOWNLOAD sets that WE choose! How's that for convenience? 

You can also visit, sign up and receive one free workbook download! Or see samples of each workbook. And there's LOADS of free worksheets and activities! You can browse by age or subject. So, head over! Check it out! LOL 

What's all this cost after the freebies? has a monthly on-line subscription for $4.99 which allows you to download 2 workbooks per month. But for just $47.88 a year, you can get the whole "kit-and-caboodle"! Unlimited workbooks! That works out to $3.99 per month! It won't take many workbooks to cover membership costs!

Pondering Click on any of the highlighted links above for more information!

But guess what? wants to give one of my wonderful readers an annual subscription so they can try it out too! Just leave a comment below after visiting and tell me what YOU liked. And if you're a follower of Our Side of the Mountain, let me know in another comment. We'll randomly draw a number from a bag to choose a winner on July 31th. All the best!

Disclaimer: Our Side of the Mountain was provided this product free in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. I'm a mom to a 4 year old who is starting an unofficial, homeschooled kindergarten this year. He loves everything about learning, so since we planned to homeschool anyway, I thought starting early in a relaxed, low-key way couldn't hurt. And the boy is a workbook *maniac.* He never really liked coloring books, but he'll look through them long enough to do any activity pages. Unlimited workbooks would be his dream come true, and that's definitely would be our favorite part of!

  2. I wanna win, I wanna win. lol I'm kind of interested in all those pre-k math options. And I think Mackie would like the Story Sleuth book cuz she fancies herself a spy. lol

  3. OMGoodness...I LOVE the WonderBox idea they have going on over there. I'm all about fun creative things that require little planning on my part. :)


  4. Oh,my! I love the options! Would love to have the help with grammar and writing for my soon to be 5th grader!

  5. I follow through Google Reader!

  6. I am always looking for creative writing prompts.

  7. Been a follower of your blog since day 1.. Do I get a prize for that ;)

  8. I like the preschool worksheets on

  9. The worksheets look amazing! I would love to win so that I can tell the other teachers at my school! Hopefully, the county will get a subscription for all teachers. That would be great!


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