Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up June 23 - 29: The One at Home...Mostly

In My Life This Week
We were home! Whoop!  OK, I's fun to visit family and friends and go camping, but after a while it's just WONDERFUL to be HOME! Would you believe that I was home Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon?! But I'm still waiting on those "lazy days of summer" to show up! How about you?

Peas Gone Wild

What's for Dinner or Dessert?
Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwiches from Disney.  Orzo and Pea Salad from Mr. Food.  Mini Quiches from Cares Kitchen.  Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Slices from Our Best Bites. Strawberry-Lemonade Bars from K & K Test Kitchen.

Homeschool Happenings
So, who schools year-round? Although I wouldn't consider us "year-rounders", we have continued with a couple core subjects, product reviews and simple unit studies. All 3 Saplings have continued on with Math studies this summer (since none finished up their curriculum from last year). But this week we started our summer study of Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics. Summer is a GREAT time for us to get to those unit studies I can't seem to fit in September-May!

AE Books

AE Netflix Videos 

Our AE Folder Lapbooks
(See highlighted links in Helpful Homeschool Hints for Mini Books)

I wanted to make manilla envelope books like Jimmie from Jimmie's Collage, but my search for envelopes didn't turn up any and I was bound-and-determined NOT to drive into town this week. (Staying home or at least close to home was my goal this week, and I WAS stubbornly sticking to it!) So, I pulled out some brightly colored folders that I had gotten free from Staples and made them work for this study.

On the cover the Saplings glued a title and a map of Egypt from Map Trek. (Map Trek review coming up next month!)  We'll be filling out more of this map as our unit study moves along.

We watched "Egypt's Golden Empire" and educational videos from Zane Education and read some fun children's books. (Zane Education review coming up next month too!) And filled out some lapbook mini books that we attached to our folders.

(Oh, and I haven't taken photos, but I'll try to for NEXT week! LOL)

What We're Reading
Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir signed up for the Dream Big Summer Reading Program at the library this past weekend. They will be able to earn weekly prizes for reading. Sugar Maple's goal is to read 1440 minutes this summer and Balsam Fir 300. White Pine doesn't need any encouragement to read. ((wink))

Balsam Fir read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess and Danny the Dinosaur by Sid Hoff. I think we're all familiar with the whimsical, rhyming stories of Dr. Suess, but Danny the Dinosaur is a fun "I Can Read Book"  written 54 years ago about a boy and a dinosaur spending an adventurous day together. Grades K-3

Sugar Maple read Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Have you read this classic horse story from the late 1800s? This is an incredible story about the life of a horse from his perspective; a life full of love, cruelty and devotion. Grades 7+

White Pine read 1634: the Baltic War by David Weber and Eric Flint, the 8th book in the Ring of Fire Series. This historical fiction book chronicles the lives of people from a West Virginia mining town when they are "dropped" into 17th century Europe. Adult

I'm still reading Holes by Louis Sachar to the kids.  The Saplings are enjoying listening to Stanley's stay at Camp Green Lake, digging holes with other boys who're in need of "correction"...and figuring out the connection between WHY the warden wants them to dig holes in a dried out lake bed and  Kissin' Kate Barlow. Grades 5+

And I'm reading Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficient Disorder by Richard Louv, and joining Nicole from Journey to Excellence on her literature discussion. I'm a little late getting in the discussion and several chapters behind, but I'm getting caught up! See if your library has a copy and join up!

Places We Went and People We Saw
• Grandpa and Nannie Lobster • Mimi and Pop with Cousins Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi  • T__ and White Pine biked to the library (8 1/2 miles) then T__ stayed the night • White Pine hung out with A__ •  Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir swam at the lake while I read on the shore • 

Helpful Homeschool Hints
Have I got a list of stuff for you! I found LOTS of mini books and ideas for Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics on Pinterest! Favorite resources this week!

• Middle School Egypt Study and a NEAT Way to Create a Lapbook at Jimmie's Collage
• FREE Ancient Egypt Lapbook Printables and Lessons at Homeschool Helper
• FREE 3D Ancient Egypt Lapbook at Practical Pages
• FREE Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts at Activity Village

What's Working/Not Working?
Having a slow week! ((contended sigh))

Poor ducky! How did she ever get this out? Our first double-yolk DUCK egg and it was a HUGE one!  It had to be stored in a bowl because it wouldn't fit in a large-size egg carton!  Balsam Fir fried it up and had an egg sandwich on toast.

Double-yolk Duck Egg, Regular-sized Duck Egg, Large Chicken
Egg, Average Chicken Egg

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  1. Wow that is huge! Awesome pic and awesome references. Thanks for sharing them. Looks like you guys had a nice week :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and glad you are back home safely:)

  2. Lazy days of summer, What are those? I seem to be busier come summer time than during the school year. Here in the North there are so many amazing hands on stuff to do with nature.

    That is a crazy HUGE egg, oh my, poor ducky!

    Thanks for the links to free Eygpt studies we plan to start that in a few months!

  3. We're continuing to do some school this summer, too - it's been nice to get into a good routine, and I'm just going with it!

    1. Hi Ashley! I visited your blog and left a message, but couldn't log in under my if you see a weird Facebook account its probably me! LOL

  4. Why let summer stop the learning fun, right!?

  5. This is our first year of doing school in the summer and I am loving keeping the routine up. Summer always seems to get away from me and this is definitely helping with that!

  6. We're becoming sort-of year-round homeschoolers now too, mostly because of the Review Crew! I just checked out the Monte Cristo sandwich recipe and pinned it - I LOVE Monte Cristos!!!

    1. Everyone LOVED that Monte Cristo recipe here, Kym, and asked me to put it in the recipe box. The recipe doesn't call for any mustard, but some honey or dijon mustard might add some tang. Keeper!

  7. My goodness you are still busy! We've not had vacation time yet, but we've slowed way down. Glad you got an opportunity to get away and miss being home for a minute!

  8. Wow, you are SO busy! What a great week, as always. :-) My kids had VBS this week, so not much schoolwork, but we will do some light studies next week. I like to do some light work during the summer, nothing too intense.

    I hope you have an AWESOME weekend! Many blessings, Lisa

  9. WOW what an egg!!! Looks like you all stayed busy and had a great week!

  10. Yikes...that is a big egg! Hope you have time to rest and relax this week:)Sticking close to home was my goal this week too!

    We school all the time...we are relaxed homeschoolers or interest led learners, so homeschool is life and life is homeschool to us;)

  11. Welcome home!!! We're now semi-year rounders too, thanks to the crew. We need to finish the math and science we put on hold during the Crew Year and now we've got all those new review items too. LOL

  12. At-home time is so important, isn't it?! Sounds like the Ancient Egypt study is going really well for you all :) Thanks for sharing all your great resources at Favorite Resources!

  13. I totally agree that it's wonderful to be home! :-) And what an amazingly huge egg!

  14. Every year I convince myself that I should be a year-rounder. But then every nearly summer I'm counting up the days til' we hit 180! Buuuuut...we still carry on with core subjects (math & reading & any review items) or projects that need finishing. But it just feels SO wonderful that we don't HAVE to do it if we don't want to. :)


  15. I love stay at home weeks but I feel like I have to schedule them in. Someday we will be able to do unit studies but right now my kiddos just don't get it. We are spending our time working on math and reading. Have a great weekend.

  16. Jessy, I lov4e reading about your weeks. I love the idea of using summer for Unit Studies. We never seem to find time for them either. Hmmm...I think I am going to steal this idea. :) We do school year round but not as intensive as the other 10 months. Under the food section, I am that where you found the recipes? Some of those things sound too yummy! That is a HUGE egg!!!

  17. Ok I am duh...just realized the food has LINKS. ;) Off to check them out.

  18. I really liked the lap books! Do duck eggs taste the same as chicken eggs? Why did you decide to do duck eggs? We have 4 chickens right now. It is our first year raising them. Thanks for linking up to Mom's Library!


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