Friday, June 1, 2012

Lots and Lots of Water: May 26 - June 1

Would you go swimming in 60 degree water? Nah, me either! But it doesn't slow my Saplings down! They swam for hours on Saturday....and Sunday...and Monday...and Wednesday...and Thursday. And I relaxed in my camp chair on the beach, reading Under the Dome, or chatted with friends who popped in with their kids for a dip too. The best part of summer: the lake, swimming, picnics, reading, and friends!

Swimming Late Last Summer...Because I Haven't Taken Any
Photos Yet This Year LOL

How'd your Memorial Day go?

We drove into town early and played at the playground with a friend before Sugar Maple lined up with the Girl Scouts to walk in the Memorial Day parade. It was the first parade in a VERY LONG TIME that we've been too! Afterward, we walked to the town beach and Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir swam while White Pine and I read on shore and observed a HUGE dragonfly that didn't want to leave my finger. Have you ever seen a dragonfly rub its head? LOL 

Olive and Opal Have Moved into the Hen Coop - Hens and
Ducks Laying Eggs in Same Nest!

This week was a slower, more relaxed one with a couple of days of thunder and downpours. As slow as they can be with 3 kiddos and their activities, housework and gardening, and this, that and the other thing. ((wink))

Balsam Fir and his Robot Lego

Sugar Maple got her new glasses! I was a little worried she would be upset about needing them (even though it's inevitable if you look at our extended family), but she thinks they're pretty cool!

I'm excited to write that Balsam Fir has almost completed his 2nd Henry and Mudge book, Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend!

And I started another read aloud book, Holes, because Peter Pan flopped! Have you ever tried to read aloud Peter Pan? Bleck! The kids also did not "get" parts of the story and felt "lost". So out with the old and in with the new!

This week's summer studies were mostly Math and Reading or Spelling for the Saplings. Nothing new really, but DEFINITELY check out our first summer learning unit inspired by Pinterest post here! We had hands-on fun with MATH COORDINATES!

So, this week (Saturday - Thursday) I decided to keep track of how many hours the kids were outside and how many hours they watched something with a screen for The Daily Outdoor Challenge at Cultivated Lives. Why? Just because! LOL I was curious!

Outside Challenge Time: 23 hours    Inside Screen Time: 13 hours

Looks like we need to work on less screen time! I was surprised that they watched that much TV this week! (I think the 2 days with rain really added up the screen time.) But I am happy about the hours outside!

Stylin' Balsam Fir...Button-down Shirt,
Striped Tie and SWIM TRUNKS...and
Yes, He Went to the Library in This

Can you believe it's June?!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great week! We love lake trips too. I can't wait for our hens to begin laying. Have a great weekend! stopping by from the Hoggatt Homeschool via HSMJ

  2. Sounds like you had a great week!!! :) Love the outfit!! She looks good in her new glasses! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What a funny outfit for the library! I am also excited that it is June! It looks like you have had a lot of fun this week. I have been trying to figure out how to balance screen time especially during the summer. I might have to check out that link and track our hours for a few days, too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Awwwwww Balsam Fir IS JUST ADORABLE! .... i love his stylish wardrobe! :P :P .... Love it! :) And u know .. when I was younger.. I never remember caring HOW cold the water is ... maybe its something when you get over a certain age cuz i certainly wouldnt be jumping in now!

  5. Her glasses look great!! Missy got glasses last week, too:)

  6. LOL. I have trouble with Victorian fiction...Peter Pan falls into that category, doesn't it? :) We have a serious imbalance of outdoor v. screen time in our house. At least it seems that way. Maybe I'll take a look at the Outdoor Challenge and keep track for a little while.

  7. Great week! I'm always surprised how easy it is to have lots of screen time and not really notice it. What a good idea to keep track of the time.

  8. Another great week Jessy. Keilee has swam in water that makes her lips blue! Not this girl!! Love her glasses. They look great on her. We love read alouds but some books are hard to read. I go to audio for those kinds. I love the readers who do all the different voices. Makes it easier to keep up. :) LOVE Balsam Fir's outfit. Off to check out your Pinterest board!

  9. One of my kids was marching in a Memorial Day parade this year - for the first time in several years! Love the new glasses, and the stylin' library threads. ;-)

  10. The lake looks wonderful! Peter Pan bombed here too! Although my kids love that new (ish) Peter Pan series written by Dave Barry. Screen time sneaks up on us as well. We are still working on strict limits around here, but I am giving them the afternoon to veg out! Sometimes you just need to.

  11. My hubby enjoyed reading Peter Pan by himself, but it did not go over well with the kids...

    I love the idea of putting screen-time and outdoor time side by side to compare. We are typically a little to no screentime for the kids family, but we have more screentime in the hot summer months because it is just so hot and we won't have a pool. 115 with no water just doesn't make for liveable fun outdoors... I'm going to start keeping track of that though.

    Thanks for the inspiration and linking up to the Daily Outdoors Challenge!

  12. My southern bells in 60 degree water? No way. LOL Not even this old lady from Michigan.

    Awesome week!

  13. Brr, I don't swim until the water is like bath water. But, my kids have been swimming quite a bit lately also. They don't mind.

    We tried Peter Pan as a read aloud a few years ago, and it didn't go over very well here either. I think the real story is just so different (and more difficult) than the adapted versions that it is not at all what the kids expect.

  14. My kiddos did the swim thing too! Crazy nuts!

    Love reading about your week!


  15. Looks like a fun week! We didn't finish Peter Pan either, but we are going to try again. I love "Holes" - the movie is fun too.

  16. Thanks for sharing the outdoor challenge! I may try it next week.

    1. Hi LaTonya! I couldn't access your profile to visit your blog, but wanted to say "Thanks for reading!"

  17. I wouldn't go swimming in 60 degree weather, either!!
    I would just be glad that my kids had more outside time than screen time! I don't think our numbers would look good AT.ALL. =S

  18. I thought the same thing when my son first got his glasses - but he was so thankful to be able to see he actually was upset when he 1st lost them (forgot where he placed them).

    Looks like a fun week - real summer!

  19. We have a lake (a pond really, but in West Texas we call it a lake) that we wade in, but the sign says No Swimming. Looks like your kids had fun even though it was cold!
    Thanks for dropping by with a kind word! :)

  20. I cannot believe it's June either! time flies - love the outside hours you logged! that's fabulous - it's hard not to watch tv when it's raining!

  21. As a kid, 60 degree water wouldn't have phased me... but now? Not so much! :)

  22. Hi!

    I'm Shar, a new follower from The Things we Find Inside blog hop! Come over and visit me at:

    I would REALLY love to homeschool my little ones, when the time comes! They'll be able to learn so much more than if they were at a public school! Looking forward to reading your blog more!!

    xoxo -Shar

  23. I love how you tracked the outside time and screen time. I'm going to do that for our family! I would like to think the outside time would well outweigh the screen time...but that screen time does really adds up fast! Thanks for that idea!

  24. Interresting idea to record outdoor / indoor screen time. Might do that next week.

    As for out door time. 0 hours for us this week Sir N is sick and it's COLD. Winter time for us here.

    The glasses look pretty.


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