Sunday, June 17, 2012

Island Adventures: June 8-16

It's early morning on Sunday. (Happy Father's Day!) And most of my "woods" are sleeping. Only Sugar Maple is up, having breakfast and reading. I've been up for almost 3 (productive) hours. The chickens and ducks are out-and-about. There's laundry on the line. Macaroni for pasta salad is cooling in the frig. Hard-steamed eggs are sitting in an ice bath. Idahoes are boiling. And dishes are starting to pile up as I work on getting our camping grub prepared. It's quiet, except for Opal and Olive, our Pekin ducks, quacking outside and the fish tank bubbling away.

A perfect time for a breather and to share with you our week with my family. I grew up on a small island off the coast of Maine. It's a fishing village of several tiny towns and a population about about 2000. My Dad as been a lobsterman for 44 years. And we've all worked at "sternmen" aboard his boat over the years. (My "sternman" experience was brief...I kept getting motion sick on the boat!) We reach the island via a 80-plus-year-old suspension bridge and a sandbar causeway.

Atlantic Ocean

We spent a lot of time at the rocky beach, playing in the Atlantic Ocean and salty breeze with seagulls squawking overhead and a lighthouse nearby sounding its warning.

Sugar Maple's Sand Castle
Enjoying the Shade
Playing in Briny Mud Flats at Low Tide
Cousin Noodle Thinks Mud is Fun
Balsam Fir Burying in Truck in the Sand
Taking a Breather
Seaweed Hiding Fun Animals
Crabs from Under the Seaweed
Pebbles Along the Beach

We enjoyed seeing lots of blooming flowers.

We took a 2 mile hike up B__ H__ Mountain on a warm, sunny day...and almost got carried off by little black flies. But the view was great!

On Our Way
Interesting Lines on a Dead Tree 
Cooling Down in the Evergreen Shade
More Up 
My Sister with Cousin Noodle
Look! White Pine DID Go on this Trip
With Us
View from the Top
View from the Top

We played with Mom's 3 2-week-old Cuckoo Maran chicks. Marans lay chocolate-brown colored eggs. We tried talking her into letting us take them home, but it didn't work. LOL

We had ice cream from local drive-ins!

Whoopie Pie Sundae

And now it's time for me to get back to cooking and baking...and laundry. Tomorrow we're off with friends on our first camping trip of the season!


  1. oh I love the dirty hands in the sand! What a nice little getaway !!

  2. It all looks like beautiful FUN!
    What a wonderful place that must have been to grow up.
    Thanks for sharig photos. Have fun camping!

  3. Beautiful! We have family on Vinalhaven...reminds me of it! We'll get there later this summer.


  4. Wow! Gorgeous pictures!! Would love to be there and see it for myself!

  5. Oh how I miss Maine! thank you for the very fond memories and even the story of the black flies had me laughing with fondness. Thank you!

  6. What a great trip. We would love to visit Maine. Love the beach pictures and the hiking pictures. Keilee would love the flowers. She is a flower nut! Enjoy your camping trip!


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