Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 4 - Traditions & Routines

Aren't family traditions the best? Every autumn my family comes together at Wight's Orchard to pick bushels of MacIntosh apples, and reconnect. We had a late lunch at a wonderful Chinese restaurant in town then walked along the waterfront in the misty fog. (What's a little damp, right?) Despite the long drive, these were special moments.

Fall is definitely here! Even are days are crisp now. We've closed up our windows, put an extra blanket on our beds, pulled out the sweatshirts and started baking and making "warming" foods like soups. We're not quite ready to give up our flip-flops though...

Our garden is finished for the season. Cati harvested our 9 pie pumpkins (although they're still mostly green), and I pulled up the vines and piled them onto the raised bed to decompose and add nutrients to our soil. Next, we'll add the aging compost and leaves from the lawn, and let it go until next season.

I started teaching my kids to cook at young ages. They don't always want to cook, but everyone should know the basics. With all the apples we picked on Sunday, Cati made 3 apple pies. (Click here for the apple pie filling recipe and here for the super easy crust.)

We're settling into a routine. My early riser, Cati, gets up before the rest of us and usually has her Math and sometimes Grammar and Writing completed and ready for check before Sam and I meander downstairs for a late breakfast. (In my defense I am up at 6:20am to let the flock into the run and fill their feed, and get Jake off to school, but then doze for a bit after.) Despite Sam's later start, he's getting his daily learning completed without complaint.

Sam started Spelling City this week. I decided to stick with the Beginning Spelling Curriculum and fill in learning gaps while building his self-confidence. Learning on-line seems to work for him and he enjoys the games. I also entered Cati's misspelled words from her daily timed journaling for additional practice as well.

Look at this Kitty Condo!

Sam spent a long time constructing a house for our cat Stripe out of cardboard boxes, Christmas lights and, er, MY duct tape. (I'm going to need yet another roll...) Not only does it have a stuffed animal inside for comfort, but there's a loft with catnip and a covered porch.

Photo Source

We also learned about Pop Art, watched this video and created some Andy Warhol-inspired Pop Art of our own, a project from here. We'll probably continue with other types of Pop Art in the coming weeks.


  • Reviewed Singular, Plural, Compound, and Possessive Nouns & Poetry, Titles, Outlines and Quotation Capitalization & Corrected Misspellings in Daily Journal Writing
  • Completed Prime and Composite Number, Common and Greatest Common Factor & Expanding and Reducing Fractions Problems
  • Learned What Minerals Are, How They Are Formed,, Properties of & the Mohs Scale
  • Learned about Ancient Egyptian Mummification, Great Pyramid and Sphinx & Sargon and Joseph
  • Learned about Pop Art, Pop Art Artists and Created Warhol-inspired Art
  • Phys. Ed. - Hiked up Mountain


  • Studied Alliteration, Syllables and Rhyming in Poetry with William Blake Poems & Wrote a Rhyming Poem with Specific Rhythm
  • Completed Beginning Spelling Curriculum Lists Weeks 1-6
  • Reviewed Odds and Even Numbers, Fact Families, Number Words, Number Lines & Solving Missing Addend Problems
  • Learned What Minerals Are, How They Are Formed, Properties of & the Mohs Scale
  • Learned about Ancient Egyptian Mummification, Great Pyramid and Sphinx & Sargon and Joseph
  • Learned about Pop Art, Pop Art Artists and Created Warhol-inspired Art
  • Phys. Ed. - Walking, Calisthenics

Skyward (Monroe) (Me) • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Lewis) (Cati) • Captain Underpants (Pilkey) (Sam) • The Story of Davy Crockett: Frontier Hero (Retan) (Sam) •

 •"Mummification Parody" (You Tube) • "Great Pyramid Mystery Solved?" (You Tube) • "Syllables" (You Tube) • "Syllable Skycoaster" (Game) (GotKidsGames) • "The First Sumerian Dictator" (You Tube) • "Joseph's Tome and Palace Found?" (You Tube) • "Introduction to Pop Art" (You Tube) "The NEW Periodic Table Song" (You Tube)

• Apple Picking at Wight's Orchard with Family (All) • Jazz & Concert Band (Cati) • Boy & Cub Scouts (Jake & Sam)  • Bible Study & Fellowship (Me) • Movies & Dinner with Family (All) •


Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. Wow, you and the kids have had quite the week. I love that you taught them to make apple pie. Loving baking it myself. I also see that particularly Cati is learnign really advanced stuff. It could be that English is my second language but I don't understand some of these.

  2. We love traditions. We don't have as many since my Mom died but I try to make sure Keilee has things she remembers. I love the Kitty Condo and the Warhol art! And I don't even know how to make an apple pie!!!! I love the way your blog post flows; full of great things and great learning!!

  3. That's great you started teaching your kids to cook at a young age, I think it's a wonderful skill to have. I started teaching my kids a little, too. They're still really young but I hope they grow to appreciate it and will want to learn more. I love the art work and kitty condo!

  4. I am always amazed at your list of accomplishments each week. Wow. We love apple orchards, too and I wish I could make that a tradition. I just can't seem to fit it in.

  5. Your apple pie looks wonderful!!

  6. What a wonderful week. We are doing Warhol soon. I like the video you found.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. What a fun week Jessy! Love that POP ART!

  8. The thought of pumpkin pies makes my mouth water! You really packed in a lot of learning this week! I used to make kitty houses when I was little too!

    1. I forgot to mention that I included your blog in my list of favorite homeschooling blogs posting tomorrow.

  9. I love the kitty condo. We have one cat that would hog and defend the catnip dispenser. Great design!


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