Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Thankful November

1. Besides Thanksgiving, something you're looking forward to on your November calendar?

Mom and Dad are coming for a visit. We haven't seen them since August when the kids went for Nannie Spoil Time. We met half way and the kids jumped into their van. My time with them was just in passing. It'll be nice to see them for a weekend.

2.  If I gave you a thank you card right now who would you send it to and why?

My hard-working, self-sacrificing, giving husband who always thinks of himself last when it comes to me and our kids. 

3. Of the breads listed, which one's your favorite...bagel, cinnamon, sourdough, garlic, banana, biscuit, pita, Naan, or plain old fashioned white bread?

I'm a carb-oholic. Any bread will do! But I love a great tangy sourdough.

Photo Source

4. What's something you have in abundance? Is that a good thing?

Stuff. Nothing specific, but lots of stuff. And, no, I think there's something freeing about having just the stuff you use and nothing more. Time to declutter!

5. November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day. Are there any redheads in your family? Who's your favorite redhead?

My adorable niece is a "carrot top". Interestingly, "carrot top" is meant to describe someone with orange-red hair, but isn't the top of a carrot GREEN (as in leaves)?

6.  The travel website Busbud recently calculated the most Instagrammed spot in every state. Go here to see what made the list where you live. Are you happy with your state's #1? If not what do you think should be the most photographed spot in your state? Have you snapped a photo there? If you live outside the USA answer as it relates to your state, city or province.

Old Orchard Beach? I'm surprised. I would have guess Acadia National Park. OOB is such a crowded, touristy area in warm months, and mostly deserted in the colder months. A long stretch of beach on the Atlantic with an amusement park doesn't measure up to the natural beauty and awe of Acadia ALL year round.

Jordan Pond and The Bubbles. A favorite place for a hike. Photo Source

7. I'm going to try to have something related to gratitude in this spot each week during the month of November. Here's this week's question-

What's something you've learned about yourself this year that you're grateful for?

I'm a big time worrier. I've learned that I can count on God and others to help me through difficult situations. I'm become calmer and more patient, letting things happen as they happen when I can't control them.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Join Joyce from From This Side of the Pond for Wednesday Hodgepodge. Share in the randomness!

Happy Hodgepodging!


  1. That's a great random thought and yes decluttering can be very satisfying.

    1. I'm gearing up for some more decluttering...Where does all this stuff come from??!

  2. I am in complete agreement with you on Acadia...and if not Acadia how about the Portland Head Light? That's a gorgeous spot too. Enjoy time with your parents!

    1. Acadia is so rich in natural wonder. And best experienced spring and fall with less visitors. (I'm not one for crowds.) So much to do there...and great restaurants too!

  3. I love your random thought and it is so true! Sometimes it takes people a long time to really understand that. Enjoy your visit with your parents!

    1. Without those special people in our lives, what good are things?


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