Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tweet and See: May 2011

It's been a busy, busy month at the feeders! Lots of new species!

We were excited to see a pair of wood ducks this month! They're quite unique and interesting! We LOVE the coloration and patterns on the male!
Male Wood Duck
Female Wood Duck
J and I saw a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at the end of our road and then later at our feeders. And C saw a Downy Woodpecker on the neighbor's tree while riding her bike. 2 of these woodpeckers stopped by the feeders the next day.
Rose-breasted Grosbeak  Photo by www.guatemalabirding.com/
Downy Woodpecker Photo by commons.wikimedia.org/
And we flocked - Yes! I couldn't help the word play! LOL - to the bay window to see our first ever Baltimore Oriole and American Goldfinch! Their beautiful yellow colors showed up brilliantly with the evergreen background.
American Goldfinch
Baltimore Oriole
We had 3 new migratory species come to the feeders in one evening: White-crowned Sparrow, Eastern Towhee and Brown-headed Cowbird. Interestingly, the Brown-headed Cowbird is the only "parasitic" bird in Maine, laying its eggs in host bird' nests to raise its young.
White-crowned Sparrow Photo by Al Lemieux
Eastern Towhee Photo by Robert Hawkins
Brown-headed Cowbird Photo by Herb Amyx
On a rainy afternoon we observed a large Turkey Vulture eating in our neighbor's yard. Wow, do they have a LONG wingspan! (Our books says up to 6'!)  And a Common Grackle stopped at our feeders the same day.
Turkey Vulture Photo by Raul Quinones
Common Grackle Photo by Terry Sohl
A Robin is sitting on eggs in a tree near the wooden playset. We're watching for blue eggs on the ground underneath.

May 2011 
Wood Duck*
Black-capped Chickadee
Blue Jay
White-crowned Sparrow*
Eastern Towhee*
Brown-headed Cowbird*
Red-winged Blackbird
Dark-eyed Junco
Red-breasted Grosbeak*
Downy Woodpecker*
Baltimore Oriole*
American Goldfinch*
America Robin
Mourning Dove
Common Grackle*
Turkey Vulture*

 Master List
Red-winged Blackbird
Rusty Blackbird
Black-capped Chickadee 
Common Eider+
American Crow+
American Goldfinch
Baltimore Oriole
Pileated Woodpecker+
Bald Eagle+
Blue Jay
Downy Woodpecker
Red-breasted Grosbeak
Common Redpoll
Dark-eyed Junco
Northern Cardinal
Mourning Dove
American Crow+
Wild Turkey
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Tufted Titmouse
Common Grackle
Turkey Vulture
Gray Jay
Canada Goose+
Great Blue Heron+
Herring Gull+
American Goldfinch
American Robin
Ruffed Grouse
Wood Duck

Summer is such a busy time for us, so this is our last Tweet and See until September when we'll have our summer list! 

*denotes new species this month
+denotes saw in an area NOT in our backyard


  1. Wow what gorgeous birds!! Kayla "The Arrowood Zoo"

  2. We need to get our feeders up! What a great list of birds you've seen this month. The Wood Duck is stunning. I have never seen one.

  3. Great list....so many birds I've never seen.

  4. Great list! I love wood ducks. They're gorgeous.


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