Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nature Study: Nature's Sounds

It can get noisy around here. Not vehicles and people, but the birds chirping, cawing and singing, and the Spring Peepers with their bird-like croaks, and the brook bubbling down through the evergreens. It's a GOOD noisy though! So, we thought we would share our nature sounds with you!

Although there isn't much to SEE in this video, it's the SOUND that we want you to experience - Spring Peepers just after dark! (Sometimes we have to close our bedroom windows because they get SO loud!)

And we took this short video in the mid-morning hours of our birds. Again, you can't SEE them, but they're certainly there! You can also just make out the brook in the background, a subtle sound. (This is also the area that I also took the Peeper video at night. When I took the other video, the area was flooded though.)

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