Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Portfolios, Plans, Patience, Practices, and Progress

It's PORTFOLIO time! 

Piles of papers, completed lap books, finished workbooks, notebook pages, art creations, 3-hole punch, and 3-ring binders with page dividers have been scattered across the dining room (and sometimes the coffee table in the living room) this week. Fortunately I only have to assemble 2 portfolios this year, next year will be 3, and I've been sorting papers on-and-off since about October. After STUFFING J and C's 2" binders with examples of their work, I've come to the conclusion that next year I need 3" binders instead! Their binders are "bursting" open! Or perhaps I need to be more SELECTIVE? Our portfolio assessment reviews are on the 22nd...and I'm ready!
J and C's Bursting Open Portfolio Binders

So, even though it's vacation and we're enjoying warmer temperatures....well, this week it's been RAIN, RAIN, and RAIN...the kids will continue to work on a few areas. J will continue sharpening his typing skills using Jumpstart: Typing, C will continue with All About Spelling Level 2 and Spelling City to improve her Spelling, and C will continue with Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read

A huge, HUGE chapter finished in S's Life Book - He was discharged from Occupational Therapy! After almost 2 years of therapy, he has met most of his OT goals. He will always have Sensory Processing Disorder and we will continue his "sensory diet" activities at home and help him to recognize what his body needs in appropriate ways, but OT has done what it can.  He's made INCREDIBLE progress and we're very proud of all he's accomplished! Special thanks to Ms. E for everything that she's done for S and us!
S with Ms E During Last OT Session
J headed off for another weekend of Boy Scout camping. He has SUCH a great time on these camping weekends (even if the weather is COLD or RAINY). Nothing more fun than camping in tents with friends! I snapped a quick photo of him in his uniform right before he left. (Were the mosquitoes and the little black flies ever bad that afternoon! Ack!)
J in his Boy Scout Uniform
C's been having an AWESOME softball year! Her hitting confidence has returned and she been getting some GREAT swings! Her team is 2-1. And S started t-ball this past week.
C Before Her Game
Playing 3rd Base
And it's a foul tip!
S Learning to Hit off the Tee
Right Before Catching the Ball
Ready in the Outfield?
We're still CRAZY busy with activities (through June), but the kids have even more time to read, garden, ride bikes, watch movies, and build with Legos. C tackled the MUCH NEEDED weeding in the strawberry bed. (Our strawberries are starting to flower.)  J got the bike tires and balls aired. And S created some AWESOME Lego spaceships.
S with his Spaceship
We also received our first Timberdoodle review product, How to Draw the Life and Times of Grover Cleveland, which combines American History AND Drawing into one handy-dandy hard-cover book. We had fun coming up with verbal trivia questions from the reading to stump each other! Watch for the review next Friday!

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  1. Good luck with portfolios and reviews. Ours is coming up too and in a way I dread it, because I always have to haul SO MUCH STUFF. On the plus side - I only have three-kids'-worth of stuff this year, so maybe it won't be so bad...

  2. Love the photo of the portfolios. It is a boost of confidence, I'm sure, to know that you're ready for the review and to SEE how much you've done during the year. (In my state, we don't need to provide a portfolio, but we do have to submit written reports. I like looking back at past year's report to remind myself of the progress we have indeed made...very helpful on those days when I feel like we are spinning wheels.)

    The activities your kids do look fun.

  3. Sounds like quite a few milestones were past this week. Congratulations!

  4. Your portfolios are bursting!! Lots of good stuff in there I'm sure. Congrats on being all done with OT ~ huge accomplishment.
    Sorry about the rain and I totally understand. It's been raining all week. We had a nice day today, and a great time at the park!, more rain next week. Eventually we will have extended sun. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

  5. Yay Sam!!

    And congrats on being done with school for the year.

  6. We have that typing program as well and really enjoy it. I need to have one review and another one start up. Thanks for the reminder :) Have a blessed weekend!!

  7. What a great week! That looks fun! Your Portfolio binders are FULL! :)

    Thank you for your comment on my post! Our guy is definitely a smiley boy, and yes, there is no way to stay frustrated for long as soon as he smiles. He is a real light in our lives! :)

  8. Way to go on the portfolios! Nice to get things wrapped up.

    Our activities are finally winding down this month too. We will school through the summer, but things will be much more casual.

    I am interested to read your review of "How to Draw the Life and Times of Grover Cleveland". I will watch for it.

  9. everytime I finally make it over to your blog, you have done more renovations! You are looking good!

  10. I never did the portfolios when I was in Maine. I do have a binder system but its by subject, not child. Looks like a busy year!

  11. Your children look so happy! :-) Way to go on the end of a successful year! My portfolios were always stuffed, as well. The kids and I would assemble them together and enjoy making a "scrapbook" of sorts of our year and the memories of everything we accomplished together. They'll always have that to look back upon and be proud.

  12. I love the portfolios. We don't have to do them, but with having a high-schooler soon, I think we're going to have to start something.

    --Rachel visiting from HHH


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