Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Days 152-157 A Different Kind of Week

Maine's public-schooled kids were on April vacation this week, and although we don't follow public school vacations, it was a different kind of week for us. 
S REALLY Wanted a Bird
C had an eye doctor appointment on Monday and J had one on Thursday. And J needed glasses. He picked out 2 nice pairs and will get them sometime late next week or early the following.
How Did That Happen? Wrapped up in the Hammock!
S had "Astronaut Training" at OT on Tuesday and then we drove to LL Bean for some shopping. We picked out some snazzy new water bottles for our walks in the woods and got J a new mess kit for all the Boy Scout camping he does.
Our Snazzy New Water Bottles
J had a Red Cross Babysitting course at the Rec Center on Tuesday and Thursday. He learned about CPR, first aid and what a responsible babysitter does and doesn't do while caring for kids. I paid for this course in exchange for 30 hours of FREE babysitting! LOL
J Reading in the Hammock
J's friend T stayed overnight Tuesday and Wednesday. (They're the only boys taking the babysitting class.) They stayed up until 11:00pm watching History Channel's America: The Story of Us videos, studied for their course, played basketball and boardgames, and conquered Risk II on the computer.
J, S and J's Friend T playing Survive!
C had basketball day camp Thursday through Friday. She had a blast playing ball, hanging out with new and old friends, but did it tucker her out! She's ALREADY asking about NEXT year!
Foul Shot! (Missed the Focus Though!)
And inbetween classes, therapy, appointments, and camp, we did some learning activities!

    • C completed pages 75-76 in Handwriting Without Tears Cursive, Saxon 54 supplemental practice 76, Daily Grams Days 68-69, AAS Lesson 14 /er/, and Apologia Zoo III Ticks and Mites

      Look! A Crocus Popped up!
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        1. Your cat looks as rotten as mine!

        2. I'm jealous that there is an LL Bean within driving distance from you! :)

        3. I really like reading weekly recaps from homeschoolers - fun stuff! (And I love the photo of your cat!)

        4. I love the picture of the cat!!! Looks a lot like our cat! LOL

        5. Looks like a really busy week with so many activities. Sounds like it was lots of fun though.

        6. That was a full week without any school work! I am impressed that got done too. I am going to check netflix for those Story of Us videos. We have some of the books, but I did not know there are videos too.

        7. My kids took a CPR/AED/Basic First Aid Class last week at our local Red Cross. I sat in on the class since I'd organized it and we all learned so much! I think the deal you worked out for free babysitting is awesome- I should have had the foresight to work out a deal with my three teens that took the class. I wonder how much house cleaning I could have gotten out of them? lol Have a great week! :)

        8. Enjoy them while you can they grow up too fast!
          I am following you via Bounce blog hop. Please follow me.

        9. I found your blog on the Hip Homeschool Hop--I have some cats like yours! That photo is too funny!

        10. Thanks for joining in the Fun Tuesday Hop

          Sorry its taken me so long to leave a comment!

          I am a new follower :)

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