Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snapshot Summary: Scenes from a Maine Island

While growing up on an island off the coast of Maine I never thought it was unique, but as I've gotten older and lived in different places I've been able to see that it IS different. The island is about 28 square miles, containing 5 different little towns with 2400 year-round residents. Most families are lobstering or fishing families with others have businesses like small convenience stores, carpentry or mechanics as well as teachers. It's definitely a place where everyone knows your name!


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful!!!! Every day I fall in love with Maine a little bit more..

  2. I grew up in Maine and I think it's VERY COOL (oh, wait, that should be "wicked cool!") that you grew up on an island! :-) Fun! I love the ocean but never seem to get there often enough.

  3. I love seeing the pictures of other places. Thank you for sharing.

    We live near the water too - Victoria, BC - and I love the ocean.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I can see that the landscape is beautiful, but I'm also seeing that your photography captures it so well. My eyes really like this post.
    Enjoy this scenery - lucky you!!
    (As I type this, there is a jackhammer pounding outside my window...your peaceful photos are much appreciated by me today!)

  5. It really is beautiful there.

  6. What beautiful photos. Makes me long for Maine. Just three more months...!


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