Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Save the Frogs Day!

Our backyard is a vernal pool, sometimes flooded, sometimes dry, but always full of wildlife. Birds, salamanders and LOTS OF FROGS populate the area. Our days are filled with sounds of bird caws and tweets, and our evenings are filled with the peeper's bird-like calls and the Wood frog's croaks. We would miss our evenings filled with frog "music"!  So, pass this along - Save the Frogs Day! Learn about frogs native to your area and help protect their environment!


  1. Oh my, my 8yo would love to live in your backyard!

  2. Great idea to post about this! We know about Save the Frogs youngest daughter made some posters to spread the word last year.

  3. good to know. we haven't seen any frogs, toads, snakes here in the mtns yet...can't wait!


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