Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nature Study: Snow, Snow, Snow!

The Brook That Runs Our Property
Snow, snow, snow! With most of us having the sniffles this week (and C struggling with a belly bug), our nature study was unstructured outside playtime, climbing Mt. Snow Pile, and taking a short walk to breathe in fresh, crisp air on a warmish late winter day.
J Poppin' Up From Behind a Snow Pile
C Poppin' Up Behind HER Snow Pile
S Climbing a Snow Pile
C Found a Pine Cone
The Boys With Our Dog Running Ahead
 We saw some interesting trees and plants along our walk. It's strange how you miss these things even though you've walked this area MANY times!
Lovely Broadleaf Lines
Moss and Lichen Growing on a Pine
A Discussion of Phototropism and Auxims
After the Seeds have Dropped
For a fun, new twist, we brought in a bucket of snow and made snow sculptures, "painting" them with food coloring. COOL fun! (I couldn't resist the pun! LOL)
Our Food Dye Paints

S Getting Started
S's Exploding Volcano Sculpture
J and his Rabbit
J Conducting his own Experiment - Blue Dye and Melting Snow
C Painting with Gloves
C's Tie-Dyed Rabbit
This Sculpture Didn't Quite Make it
S's Trying Again After Destruction
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  1. paint snow...hmmm! I almost wish it would snow again. Well, maybe not I am enjoying the 65 degree temp. I will have to save that idea for next year.

  2. looks like lots of fun!!!!

    {so ready for spring!}

  3. Look at your family out there in all that snow! Great job getting outside and taking time to notice your are so very right....we do miss things unless we slow down a bit and open our eyes to notice the little things like the trees and moss.

    Love the art/nature study project with the snow! Thanks so much for sharing your challenge this week.

  4. I love the dyed snow sculptures! We still have a ton of snow, so we could give this a try :)

  5. Those snow sculptures look so very cool!


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