Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lego Creation Thursday: Lego Club Jr Projects

On Tuesday, S's much anticipated Lego Club Jr. magazine arrived in the mail. (For your own FREE subscription, visit Lego Club on-line and sign-up.) He LOVES LOVES building with Legos (even if sometimes they also frustrate them).  
Lego Club Jr. Magazine
He quickly settled down to peruse the pages and then set off to search through our bins of scattered Legos to find the pieces to build the space station and bird projects inside the pages.
S Holding his Lego Project Bird
Close-up of Bird
Space Station
Check out other Lego creations at Lego Creation Thursday!  And if you have a Lego Maniac, sign up for a free subscription at the link above!


  1. My son created a whole city scene with a diner and construction equipment! I'll have to make a post of it next week. I was told it was still a work in progress...

  2. Very cool. My daughter just received her Lego Club magazine today. In fact, she's pouring over it right now. :)

  3. Nice bird and space station!!!!

  4. Great job! Bug says he really likes the Bird! He likes his LEGO Club magazine too!

  5. how do you link for the lego link up??? my son would love that!


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