Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Days 119-123 The One With Sniffles, Snacks and Snow Scupltures

((cough)) ((sniffle)) ((cough)) Another cold has hit our home again. ((achoo)) 

Over the weekend, I baked up a bunch of yummy goodies: 4 loaves of chocolate chip banana bread and fruit and nut granola (to top vanilla yogurt or ice cream). A few of the banana breads were frozen for later, but everything else was consumed for breakfasts, snacks and desserts throughout the week. The kids spent HOURS cleaning up their playroom and bedrooms. Those rooms NEEDED it! 

The snow and freezing rain arrived on Monday, but fortunately we didn't have any outside-the-house activities to miss. We finished school assignments in the morning and spent the afternoon playing in the snow, making hedgehog cupcakes and watching Magic School Bus Gets Eaten, Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie and Magic School Bus Blows its Top. The kids also enjoyed donning their LL Bean headlamps and running around the yard with our Golden Retriever in the dark after dinner.
Cupcake Hedgehog Cookbook

Our Hedgehogs - They Don't Look as Nice, but Fun to Decorate
Cat Decided to Join Us and SIT ON the Cookbook
C and S Playing Outside in the Dark
C Trying to Throw a SnowBall and S with DAD'S Gloves

Poor C woke up with a high fever, coughing, aches and pains, and upset belly Tuesday morning. The boys continued on with their daily assignments while she rested in bed, and in the afternoon S had "Astronaut Training" at OT and J had Boy Scouts.  

C was feeling better on Wednesday - how quick they get over illnesses! - but with the rest of us still sniffly-coughy, our nature studies were simply enjoying a sunny, "warm" winter afternoon in the snow for some light exercise and fresh, crisp air. Check out our fun snow sculptures here! 

Thursday brought about changes. C is bored with her Grammar and Writing Handbook so  we decided that she would play grammar games at The Teacher's Cafe in addition to her Daily Grams, Reading, and Creative Composition, and, hoping to improve her handwriting, I started  her on  a Writing Workbook for Language Arts.

Pick 4 Friday! Sometimes I like to mix things up a little and surprise the kids. So, today I did "Pick 4 Friday" - the kids choose 4 of their daily assignments (out of 6 or 7) to complete for the day. Not every Friday is Pick 4, but when the sun is shining and we've had a good week it's nice to have a "lighter" day to head outside!

 J's Accomplishments 
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Lessons 79-81
DK History of the World Chapter 18 and 19
February Pond Press FINISHED
Wordly Wise Level 6 FINISHED
Teacher's Cafe Middle School Grammar  FINISHED 
Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber
Rowe College Business English - Common Nouns
Anatomy Arcade
Apologia General Science Module 9: What is Life?
Dance Mat Typing

J Listening to Music While Doing Science
J Reading World History
C's Accomplishments
Saxon Math 54 Supplemental Practice 63, Test 12 (75%), Problem Set 66
History Pockets: Native Americans
Daily Grams Day 20-23
Creative Composition
Teacher's Cafe Grammar Games - Grammar Gorillas
Superfudge by Judy Blume
All About Spelling Level 2 Step 9 Spelling the Sounds of long U and /z/
Writing Workbooks Handwriting: My Body
Apologia Zoology III Lesson 9: Odd-toed Ungulates FINISHED
C Working on her Zoo III Even-Toed Ungulates Summary
S's Accomplishments
Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Level 1 pp 38-45 Short I and Sight Words
Readers: Cat, Rag, Pig Wig
Get Ready for Kindergarten Math pp 53-60 Shape Review
Horizons Math Lesson 87, 89
Handwriting Without Tears W, X and Y
Kumon Mazes 22-25
100's Grid 1-50
My Body Lapbook
S's Teeth and Senses Book and Lapbook Mini Books
So, that was our week! How was yours? Check out other Weekly Wrap-ups at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and join the blog hops at Hop Along Friday and Hip Homeschool Hop for lots of fun ideas!


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  3. Wow, look at that snow! That's something we don't get to experience down here (FL). And those cupcakes look so good and fun! I really like your blog. And thanks for linking to the SPD Blogger Network. My son has SPD and I wasn't aware of that page. I'm now a newsletter subscriber. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog as well :)

  4. Those cold bugs seem to be hitting everywhere this week. I'm glad it didn't keep you all down too long. I love your cat picture. Sometimes it seems like we spend half our day moving our cats off the books we're using.
    Janet W

  5. I like that idea of Pick 4 Friday. My kids would be thrilled with that!! I'm filing that in my brain.

  6. Love that fun kids decorating. I have a 3 year old and we are doing preschool stuff now at home. What age is S? I will look into some of those resources that you are using.


  7. Playing in the snow is fun, but in the dark is even more fun!! :) The hedgehog cupcakes do look yummy! Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Hi! Great site! I am a new follower from the friday blog hop. Hope you have a great weekend. Stop by anytime! Hope you will follow me too!

  9. You do know that you're a super-homeschool mom, right? I can't let Mackenzie see your blog or she'll feel cheated. LOL

    Great week!

  10. Snow and lots of it. We have it too! Enjoyed your post sounds like a good week. I like the pick 4 on Friday idea. It's nice to have an easy day once in awhile.

  11. Wow! Looks like a great and productive week!

  12. i love those cupcakes!!! and you just gave me a great idea for gifts for my children... those LL bean lights would just rock!!! wonder if i could find them at bass pro??

    also, thank you for the writing links and the cafe site!! i can't wait to incorporate that!! i also love your idea for pick 4 friday!!! what a great goal to give my kids to encourage them to strive for a deal on friday with good behavior in school for the week!! may i steal please ;-) ??

  13. What a great week! I had not heard of Teacher's Cafe, so I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the tip! We started diong lighter Fridays around here, too. The girls have enrichment classes that day anyway, so it makes sense to ease up in other subjects.

  14. Pick 4 Friday sounds fun, and thanks for The Teachers Cafe tip. I had not seen that website; I just checked it out and can't wait to show my kids.

  15. Sounds like you had a great week! I love those cupcakes~our family is a big fan of cupcakes:) And I liked your idea of *pick 4* Fridays. We usually have a shortened school day on Fridays, too, and enjoy that a lot.

  16. Boy those cupcakes look like fun!!! and yummy!!! I LOVE the Pick 4 idea - I'm gonna have to steal that idea. Love the headlights too!

  17. Your pictures actually make snow look like FUN!

  18. all of your baking sounds yummy! :) and yes, they do get over sickness so quickly sometimes! glad you had a great week even with some sickness. :)


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