Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Days 124-126 - The One With Cardboard, Fever and Survival

Nothing like cardboard, blue packing tape (because I still haven't bought another roll of Masking) and imagination to occupy C and S on a rainy Saturday afternoon. C became a robot with a coin slot. Insert a quarter (that falls into a punch behind the costume) and the robot (C) talks! And S grabbed a 2 liter plastic soda bottle  from recyclables to create a cardboard train engine complete with 4 ride-on cars. Choo choo!
C the Talking Robot
Engineer S and His Train
Cardboard Binoculars
Monday arrived with heavy rain, washing away some of our snow - there's still plenty left! - and the oldest woke up with a "bug".  By mid-afternoon J had a moderately high fever that continued through early Wednesday. Fortunately this wasn't a "BELLY BUG", just fever, aches and pains and coughing.  C and S continued with their daily assignments and activities (for the most part).

On Wednesday the kids saw a REALLY COOL demonstration on wilderness safety at 4H. The Winter Rescue Team shared their Lost But Found - Safe and Sound presentation on surviving outside while lost in the woods. We even headed outside for a few experiments to show how we should keep ourselves warm, comfortable, dry, and visible while waiting for rescue to arrive. A GREAT thing for the kids to see since J goes on scout camping trips and we take strolls in the woods during warmer months. 

On Thursday we went to Eco-Kids, a library program to teach kids about the importance of plants. The kids listened to stories, drew a group picture, discussed plants, and planted 2 kinds of beans to bring home.

And Friday started much like Monday - with pouring rain - but without any illness! We did some basics, but spent most of our time studying SQUIRRELS for this week's Nature Study. Check out our photos, observations and notebook pages here!
Gray Squirrel in Our Yard
I also started a new math curriculum with S (who has struggling with Horizons for the last couple of months). I printed out the first 2 units of Houghton Mifflin Math and he seems to be doing better with the more hands-on approach.

J's Accomplishments
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Lessons 82-84
Apologia General Science Module 9 Test (100%) and Module 10
DK World History Chapter 19-20 FINISHED
Rowe College Business English Grammar Lesson 2
Creative Composition - Mystery
Resting on the Couch After a Shower
J's General Science Mini-books
C's Accomplishments
Saxon Math 54 Lessons 67-70
Daily Grams Day 24-29
All About Spelling Level 2 Steps 9-10
Apologia Zoology III Chapter 10
History Pockets: Native Americans Review
Handwriting Without Tears Cursive pp 23-26
Teacher's Cafe - Sentence Speedway, Noun/Verb Rats
C Doing Daily Grams
C Watches Her Math Lesson
S's Accomplishments
Handwriting Without Tears Y and Z
Kumon Mazes 26-28
Readers - The Fat Cat, Nat Ran, Ann Ran, Pig Wig Can Hit, and Pig Wig
Horizons Math K Lessons 90-92
Houghton Mifflin Math 1 - More, Fewer and Same
100s Grid 1-55
Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read pp 1-45 Review
Spelling with Tiles CVC /a/ and /i/ words 
US State and Capitals Sticker Workbook
About Me Lapbook - My House and My Family Mini-books
Will Looking at it CLOSER Make it Easier?
S Didn't Like Dan so he Wrote in Dad all on his Own
S's Family Picture - L to R J, Dog, A, C, Me, Cat, and S
S Doing his Kumon Maze
S Showing You His US Geography Sticker Map
S Reading Nat Ran, Ann Ran
 That's our week! How was your week? Check out other Weekly Wrap-ups at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and link up to the Friday Blog Hop and Hip Homeschool Hop to share ideas!


  1. I'm glad the bug didn't last too long. Mine are 17 & almost 13, but we still go through lots of cardboard and tape!
    Janet W

  2. My youngest gets really creative with boxes whenever given the opportunity! Cheap & fun! :)

  3. Cardboard boxes are the. best. ever! :)

  4. Looks like it was a busy and fun week.

  5. LOVE the Anatomy Arcade! Just added to my resource page! Thanks for the link.

  6. Love those box creations! My kids can play with boxes for hours and hours:)

  7. looks like a great week! I LOVE the robot - so creative!!

  8. I love the cardboard creations! ;-) You won the "Bake-Off" giveaway on my blog. Be sure to let me know your mailing address via email so I can get that sent out to you. Thanks!

  9. Sounds like you still accomplished quite a lot!
    I gotta ask - where did you get the about me lapbooks?

    And thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  10. Love the cardboard fun!!!! Homeschooling leaves time for the kids to have an imagination - gotta love it!

  11. I cracked up at the picture "will looking at it closer make it easier?" LOL

    Great update again this week!


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