Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Days 115-116 The One on Vacation

My Mom and Dad are school bus drivers, and since this is February Vacation week for public schools in Maine we headed up to the island to spend some time with them, my sisters, my BILs, and niece N. 

On Monday we packed up the van - I've found putting our clothing in a plastic laundry basket is the best way for us to pack for visiting my family - and headed off mid-morning. It's a 4 hour drive, but the weather was nice and the kids traveled well.  We arrived mid-afternoon and spend the rest of the day settling in and watched "Gold Rush: Alaska" on Discovery in the evening. The kids found it QUITE interesting.
A Pull-Out Rest Stop Along the Way
On Tuesday the kids played with their little 2-year-old cousin N and had dental appointments. (Dental appointments on vacation? Yup! LOL) They spent their day playing outside in the snow, reading books, watching TV, and playing DSi's. J made yummy molasses cookies - a recipe from his 90-year-old great-grandmother.
Soft Molasses Cookies
On Wednesday we headed into the "city" with family for their birthday gifts to the kids: bowling, shopping, and dinner out at Friendly's (with ice cream of course).
With another snowstorm heading our way on Friday, we drove back home on Thursday after lunch (and washing our dirty laundry).  And C came back with a new special friend from my sister J4...Meet Mocha or Moe (for short)! Notice his chubby cheeks? He certainly enjoys the fancy hamster food C bought for him!
Mocha - Siberian Dwarf Hamster
Snowy Friday meant a day at home! We made wild blue blueberry pancakes and sipped hot cocoa while watching movies, and then the kids cleaned their bedrooms thoroughly and I caught up on some laundry.

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  3. While I love living in this great state with you, I'm SO ready for spring. Agree? ;-) We're already at almost 6 inches of snow today. ::sigh:: More coming down.

  4. This has been a strange winter, too much snow or not enough. Glad you had a good week.

  5. That hamster is adorable, and I wish I could reach in and take one of those molasses cookies!

  6. I'm a new follower:) Sounds like a good vacation week:)

  7. Sounds like a great week! :) Nothing better than hanging out with family.

    I also have to ask... what's with the tiny bowling balls? I guess I've heard about them, but I've never seen one in a regular looking bowling alley. :p

  8. Adorable Hamster. Looks like a relaxing week.

  9. Lovely week off, lots of similarities! I too often pack in a laundry basket. :)
    We didn't bake but I made homemade sea salt caramels and visited my Mom. We also had a dentist trip as well.
    Looks like you had a wonderful and refreshing week off.

  10. Sounds like a great vacation week! We just spent our vacation week in Rangeley area, and are actually looking into spending next winter there (we'll see). We might become fellow Mainiacs ;-)

  11. Looks like a great vacation! We are hoping to vacation soon. I am stopping by from HHH.


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