Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Days 106-109 - Thunder, Lightning and Snow?

Thunder and lightning! In the middle of a snowstorm! Over the weekend we had ANOTHER snowstorm which briefly switched over the freezing rain around midnight that produced QUITE a number of rumbles and flashes. What weather we're having in Maine! 
Kids and I Made Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
Monday afternoon I dropped C off with our neighbor friends for a sleepover. They have girls for C to "hang out" with. (It seems that most of our friends have BOYS, BOYS, BOYS.)  She had a blast painting pictures and doing beadwork! J spent some time shoveling out the walkway after a SNOWQUAKE and then he and S made cheesy nachos with salsa for lunch and chocolate cake for dessert after dinner. 
A School Distraction LOL
Ah, SNOWQUAKE? Well, we have a metal roof. Snow and ice build up on our roof until the temperatures get warm enough for the sheets to slide off in a noisy, shaky C-R-A-S-H. It can be QUITE startling if you haven't experienced it before. Oftentimes there are HEAVY, LARGE "icebergs" to clear off the walkway and road afterward.

No school on Tuesday. A and I headed into the city - A had some additional work training and I spent the day  at the hospital with my sister who is recovering from surgery. The kids spent the day with friends, reading, doing crafts, building snowman. And in the evening, C had basketball practice and J had Boy Scouts.

We were back to "every day" school on Wednesday and Thursday. The kids had 4H and built snow shelters. (Our 4H is doing Outdoor Education and Recreation this year.) C had a basketball game. FINALLY. It's been WEEKS since we  haven't gotten snow on Wednesday! J studied Celtic Knots at Not Math Math Class and the kid's friends came over Thursday afternoon.
J's Celtic Knot
Another Celtic Knot
Field trip Friday! It's been a while since we've gone on a field trip, so we headed into the city to meet up with family to spend some time exploring the art museum.

J's Accomplishments This Week  
Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Lesson 72-74
Teacher's Cafe Verb Tenses
Wordly Wise Lesson 18 and 19
Creative Composition: Mystery Story
Apologia General Science Module 8 Mini Books and Experiments
DK History of the World Chapter 16 (1800-1850) with Timeline
Discovery Channel's History of US videos (Depression)
Sheppard Software World Geography Geography

C's Accomplishments This Week 
Saxon 54 Lessons 61-62
History Pockets: Native Americans - Navajo
Handwriting Without Tears - Numbers
Composition: Letter with Compare/Contrast
Daily Grams 9-11
Sheppard Software United States Geography
Apologia Zoology III Lesson 8: Ungulates - Rhinos and Tapirs, Map It!
All About Spelling Step 6: Open and Closed Syllables and Step 7: Vowel-Consonant-E
C's Navajo (Paper) Blanket and Necklace
S's Accomplishments This Week 
Get Ready for K Math pp 66-84
100s Grid 1-20 
Handwriting Without Tears K, V and U
Kumon Mazes
Starfall Calendar
Starfall Short i Games
Literactive Road to Reading - V, K 
Lapbook: My Body - Food Groups
Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read pp 36-37 
S's Food Groups Wheel from  Homeschool Share
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  1. The boys outnumber the girls in our house and in our family {mostly boy cousins} dd6 is always excited when we spend time with families that have girls :)

  2. What is it with snow on Wednesdays?! We have scouts that night and it seems every Wednesday it snows. no school, no scouts :(

  3. Our co-op meets on Wednesdays as well and your right, it always seem to snow on Wednesdays! Looks like you have accomplished a lot this week!

  4. Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Friday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  5. I am your newest follower from Blog Hop Friday and I really love your blog! You're children are adorable by the way! You can find me at:

    Have a great day! :-)


  6. Those cinnamon rolls look scrumptious! Glad you had a good week, snowstorms notwithstanding. And yay for a basketball game -- finally!

  7. Great stuff! We are trying to do more field trips- it is good for the mental health of all around here.

  8. Great projects and yummy-looking cinnamon rolls! Okay, help me out here --- how are celtic knots related to math?

  9. Hi! Stopping by from Hip Homeschool Hop. Those homemade cinnamon rolls looks professional! and super yummy! Blessings!

  10. Oh boy! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious. It sounds like you had a great week! I love the food group lapbook. It is very colorful and has lots of detail. I am following from HHH as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. I have a question for you. How do you like Handwriting Without Tears? I have been thinking of giving it a try.

  11. Those cinnamon rolls WERE good! I made the dough in the bread machine then rolled out and topped with some softened butter, brown sugar and ground cinnamon. The glaze is a simple powdered sugar, water and vanilla one. Yum! (But not something to have EVERY morning! LOL)

  12. those rolls look yumm-o!!

    looks like ya'll had a busy week! what week isn't busy?! :)

  13. Your week was so full and varied! I love all the work your kids are doing. We are going to be doing the Native Americans History Pockets soon, too. I love their Celtic knots.


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