Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 15 - Searching for the Elusive FULL School Week

I don't know if I have shared or not, but Cati has asthma. Over the last 2 months her asthma as been QUITE a challenge. She ended up in the GP's office on Friday, needing another nebulizer treatment, her 3rd in 2 months. Her lungs were struggling. We now have a Plan of Action for getting this under control, and she is feeling so much better. No longer can we hear her breathing from a room away!

On Saturday the kids spent time with their Dad, so I spent time with Tom, my fiance. I made a chicken tetrazzini (RECIPE) for dinner, for the first time, with tossed salad, and chocolate peanut butter bark (RECIPE) for dessert. Yum! We watched NFL football, and sometimes even the cooking shows *I* liked when we had cable here at the house. A relaxing weekend!

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But the household cleaning - laundry! - didn't get finished until Monday.

We spent some of our "free time" organizing and purging more unused items. Our entertainment area was in serious need of a thorough dusting and organize. We removed the old speakers and stereo system (with cassette players), keeping just the small flat screen, the (unused) Roku, TV antennas, a DVD player, and XBox.

And I went through the kids' school drawers, throwing away all flashcards (from curriculum I no longer have) and plain ol' trash. I removed non-school items to be put where they belong (such as the bubble bath in Cati's drawer) and manipulatives that are for younger learners.

❄ Pinewood Derby Clinic (Sam) ❄ Library (Cati, Sam & I) ❄ Concert Band Practice (Cati) ❄ Cub & Boy Scouts (Sam & Jake) ❄ Bible Study & Fellowship (Me) ❄

My plan was to complete 5 days of school this week, but you know what they say about "best laid plans". Cati had a follow-up GP visit Friday morning.

To ease our "van schooling" during band practices, Sam and I have been playing the Multiplication Game (FOUND HERE) using grid paper, 2 different colored highlighters and 0-9 dice. It's a super easy way to learn multiplication facts AND pack along with us! But you know what else? He's also learning about area and perimeter at the same time!

Cati finished up her Earth Science for this quarter early, so it's been a perfect time for her to work on her Maine Studies project, a tri-fold board filled with facts and images. (Maine Studies are required by law.) If only the printer worked better...

English - Indirect Objects, Abbreviations Proofreading, Coordinating Conjunctions, & Compound Subjects & Predicates, Wattpad, Created a Blogger Blog
Pre-Algebra - Exponential Expressions & Radicals, Fractional Equations, Surface Area, Scientific Notation, & Decimals
Earth Science - Water Cycle, Surface Water & Watersheds, Underground Water, & Wetlands
Maine Studies - Facts of, Famous People, Assembling Tri-Fold Board
Ancient History - Ancient Greece, Spartans, Athenians, Persia, Marathon
Current Events - CNN Student News
Fine Arts - Band
Phys. Ed. - Walking

Language Arts - Spelling Weeks 5-10, Grammar Ninja, Commas & Quotations, Main Ideas, Recounting Information, Reading Comprehension
Math - Square Numbers, Elapsed Time, Number Words, Expanded Form, Rounding to Nearest 10, Fractions, Multiplication Doubles, Square Roots, Money, Area/Perimeter & Regrouping Multiple Addends
Earth Science - Soil Formation & Composition, Types of Soil
Physics - Constructed & Tested a Catapult
Ancient History - Ancient Greece, Spartans, Athenians, Persia, Marathon
Current Events - CNN Student News
Fine Arts - 
Phys. Ed. - Walking

❄ Divergent (Roth) (Me) ❄ Percy Jackson series (Riordan) (Cati) ❄ The Hunger Games (Collins) (Cati) ❄ Ben and Me (Lawson) (Sam) ❄ Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck (Kinney) (Sam) 

"Geography and Early Greece" (You Tube)


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  1. We are in declutter mode around here too. It sounds like you got lots of learning done despite your daughter's asthma. I hope she feels better now.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I hope Cati continues to feel better. Not being able to breathe is a pretty big deal! Glad you were able to fit in some quality alone time with your fiance!

  3. I would be exhausted after that week!


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