Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 12 - After a Quiet Break

It's awesome to be a homeschooler! We can tweak our schedule to fit just about anything, especially when it comes to recouping from illness and spending time with loved ones. So, we took 2 weeks off, some spent resting from a "bug", but a longer time spent with Nannie and Grandpa Lobster. Family is #1!

While the younger kids enjoyed another week of spoiling with their grandparents, Jake and I had quiet days at home. (He did have a few days of school.) I can't even say I did a lot of housework, although I did finish cleaning and organizing Sam's bedroom. (Phew! I may not be the same after seeing the dirty dishes stashed under his bed...) I was able to spend more time with Thomas, and delved into new crochet projects. (You should see my Pinterest board...)  I made a slouchy hat with a brim, mesh market bags, Christmas coasters, and bath puffs. Sometimes it's nice to just "chill".

• Take-out Chinese • Chicken Drumsticks, Roasted Potatoes & Steamed Carrots • Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza with Green Peppers • Crockpot Sweet n' Spicy Lil' Smokies, Meatballs & Broccoli with French Bread & Cucumber Slices •

Cati was a trooper this week. She came back from her grandparents with a sore throat, hacking coughs and sniffles, but she still did her work most days. (I suggested she stay another week as to not bring illness back here, but.) She did decide to skip band practice. A wise choice considering. 

But despite a 2 week break and a cold, our week back went smoother than expected. Sometimes getting back into routines can be tough. Or it can be a chance to break NEGATIVE routines and start new ones. Sam's "night owl" hours before break have been replaced with an earlier bedtime for an earlier start to the school day.

Changes were  made to Sam's Earth Science. It was becoming a battle! So, I decided to give him the "power": He reads the sections independently and writes notes for his notebook. Before I was reading the information and writing notes that he would copy. He seems more content to do the work alone. :shrug: And his notes are more thorough with labelled diagrams!

But then he came down with a cold too. So, we spent part of the afternoon watching movies (while I crocheted my latest projects), and then played the Multiplication Grid Game and watched You Tube videos on volcanoes.

And today we did a little school then made homemade gingerbread and chocolate peppermint fudge. (Leave it to us to forget to add the peppermint extract to the fudge though...) It is the baking and making season!


  • Descriptive, Proper, Limiting & Diagramming Adjectives
  • Average, Coordinates, Mixed Fractions with Different Numerators, Area
  • Kinds of Fossils, Radioactive Dating, Geologic Time Scale, Earth's Era
  • Current Events: CNN Student News
  • Phys. Ed. - Walking


  • Easy Peasy Days 20-21 (Conkling Poetry, Wrote Diamond Formula Poem, Aesop's Fables), Spelling Weeks 34-35
  • Multiplication Facts 0, 1, 2 & 5, Solving for N, Regrouping, Time
  • Types and Stages of Volcanic Eruptions, Volcanic Landforms
  • Phys. Ed. - Walking, Building a Snow Fort
  • Current Events: CNN Student News

Holy Bible (Me) • Star Wars (Cati) • Stuart Little (White) (Sam)

• Concert Band (Cati) • Bible Study & Fellowship (Me) 


Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. Love all the crochet projects. Homeschooling does allow for life to happen as we want and not by others' schedules. Usually :-) I hope everyone is healthy and able to enjoy more of the baking snd making season.

  2. The crochet projects are amazing. I love how homeschooling allows us to embrace life. What a great restful week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Great crocheting! I especially like the camp. ;)

  4. I love all the crochet pieces you did. I hope the kids are feeling better now. The baking sounds fun as well. We did get a chance to bake a little last week. Hoping to get some baking in this week as well.

  5. I love your crochet projects too! Especially the hat! Sorry you all were sick. Hope you're all on the mend now. I finally remembered to get Jeremiah watching CNN Student News! He is doing Earth Science this year too. I never thought about having him watch videos. Thanks for the idea!


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