Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Random Acts of Kindness

I'm joining Leslie from Time Out for Mom for this week's Tuesday Coffee Chat. (I don't drink coffee, so hot chocolate will have to do...) Why not head over and read how others answer this week's prompt? or link up your own post!

More about our Random of Acts of Kindness!   What acts would you add, and will you join our challenge?

Random Acts of Kindness...Little things that you can do EVERY SINGLE DAY with everyone you see. A simple smile or nod of the head. Holding a door open so another can pass through with their kids or bags. A chat while waiting in the check-out line to pass the time. Kindness doesn't have to be big. And never should be about US, but about OTHERS.

Leslie shared a link to this calendar as a helpful guide that we could do in December to show kindness:

Link to Website

Such great, simple ideas, don't you think?  IMO, kindness should be in everything we do. Not just December. Or any other month or occasion. Let's not wait for a "season", but make it part of life!

What would my Kindness Acts be?

Patience. One of the kindest, most loving things we can do is practice patience. Too many of us are in a rush, are focused on getting our needs met NOW, that we forget to slow down, enjoy what's going on, and be kind those around us. Patience brings understanding, calmness, friendliness, and joy to others that "bounces back" to us. It's a win-win!

Kind words. There's nothing better to brighten someone's day than friendly words. A simple heart-felt thank you. A wishing someone a wonderful day. Asking how someone is (and listening). A joke to bring about giggles. Words are more powerful than we know!

A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger. (Proverbs 15:1)

Helping Hands. Have you ever heard the saying "Many hands make light work"? It's true! And it also builds neighborhoods, communities, friendships, and family relationships. Help others. Do so with a willing heart. Shovel the snow off someone's walkway. Carry someone's groceries. Critter Sit someone's pet so they can visit their family. Bring a meal to a busy family (or especially if there's sickness in the house). Volunteer in the community.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Wonderful suggestions for random acts of kindness. Hope someone does something for such a nice as person as yourself.

    1. Oh, thanks so much! That was very sweet!

  2. so really great suggestions - but I really love the patience one! I think so much of our rudeness, lack of empathy and compassion stems from always being in a hurry to move on to the next thing. To cross our items off our to do list. This one speaks to my heart: I can be incredibly impatient, although I try very hard to not be rude. But I will pay extra close attention this season - and always - to keep it in check, and take the time to serve someone else. even if it's just taken an extra second to say "you have a nice day!"
    thanks for chatting!


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