Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Christmas Traditions

I'm joining Leslie from Time Out for Mom for this week's Tuesday Coffee Chat. (I don't drink coffee, so hot chocolate will have to do...) Why not head over and read how others answer this week's prompt? or link up your own post!

What does Christmas Eve look like in your home?

Never the same. Lately.

When I was married we lived in the mid-west for a while. It was hard to get back to New England to visit family for Christmas, but we often did, juggling family in Connecticut and Maine, on airplanes, in cars. It was hectic! But then we moved back to Maine and settled into a routine. The kids and I would drive 4 hours to my parent's house a few days before Christmas, opening presents and having a family dinner on Christmas Eve, but arriving home to celebrate again on Christmas day. And again with my ex-husband's family on the weekend.

But divorce has a way of changing things.

Last Christmas I decided to simplify as I was no longer able (or wanting) to celebrate so much. Don't get me wrong! It's nice to see family, but the "running the roads" not so much. So, I decided to just celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve and that weekend with my ex-husband's family.

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Christmas Eve will be on the 22nd this year. My sister is hosting, but works on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. (Let's hear it for Correctional Officers!) We'll have a big family, but informal dinner of spiral ham (with a sweet glaze), homemade mac n' cheese, steamed veggies, and a TBD dessert(s). We'll open presents.

And I hope to get some egg nog...

What about you?

Merry Christmas!


  1. Trying to balance holidays with divorced parents was hard for me growing up. But my parents had a nasty divorce. It's nice your ex's family celebrates with you. Happy Holidays!

  2. I find it hard trying to fit everyone in since being married. Everyone wants Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and you cannot please everyone. Maybe if I had a giant mansion - All Welcome! ha
    That's one of the reasons I decided to host; it's hard traveling with 3 children and all the Christmas loot! I figured it would much easier to be at home, and just invite everyone here!
    But, try to keep things as simple as possible still.


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