Sunday, February 3, 2013

Explorers Blog Hop 1: Even in Rain...'s fun to get outside!

Overnight the winds blew and the rain fell in what sounded like sheets against the windows. By morning it was foggy and soggy! (Like that? ::grin::)  But it was warm, around 50 degrees, and for January in Maine that's a very nice break from the negative temperatures we've been shivering through.

At 7:30am I filled waterers, grabbed the feeder and headed out to the chicken and duck run. A swollen, bubbling brook was enough to get the ducks excitedly (and continuously) quacking. Perfect duck weather! How could I not let them out to explore? 

Then, Balsam Fir headed out because he's drawn to the water too. Nothing more exciting to an almost 8-year-old then muddy water (if you know what I mean). He traipsed through the woods surrounding the brook - I don't think his sneakers will ever be the same! ::sigh:: - and had grand plans on making a bridge. His search for discarded wood in the garage didn't turn up enough for a proper one though.

And 2 hours later, with damp hair stuck to his forehead and a soaked jacket, he rounded up the wandering flock and came put on SHORTS and a T-SHIRT. 

If you're wondering, spring has NOT arrived in Maine! On Friday we were below freezing again, but it was a nice preview of what is coming: MUD SEASON.


  1. CONGRATS on your MAIDEN POST for your new blog hop! :D SO exciting! Will def. link up our outside adventures :D :D when I get back from church!

  2. I love the idea of an outdoor blog hop! I'll try to have a post ready for the next one too.

  3. I love to play in muddy water, too! Few things are more fun than splashing through a creek in some rubber boots :)

    Such a fun blog hop! I linked up our post on finishing our maple syrup outdoors. :)

  4. Congrats on the new blog hop! My kids love playin' in the mud, too.

  5. What a great idea! It might be just what I need to encourage me to brave the great big (cold!) outdoors!


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