Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: Session 3 Week 6 - The Calm Before the Storm

In My Life This Week / Things I Worked On
✔ Organize Session 3 Papers in Portfolios
✔ Declutter the Downstairs
 Walk Every Other Day With Rosie
✔ Clean Up and Organize the Garage  

My Favorite Thing This Week
Our garage has been SERIOUSLY buggin' me. ::sigh:: With a HUGE (embarrassing) pile of trash filling up one side, and outdoor toys thrown every-which-way, and Balsam Fir getting into and not putting back our tools, and old hay scattered across the concrete, I couldn't even get the van into it! On Saturday we ALL worked together and got it cleaned up...and Mama is happier!

Homeschool High School
SOMEONE has worked diligently this session! With only 1 week to go before our vacation break, White Pine doesn't have much work to do before meeting this session's goals. His big focus this week was finishing up Biology textbook and lab work, his Cather approach paper, and doubling up some Algebra and Biology Coloring pages. Next week? A few more math lessons and coloring! I suspect he'll enjoy a few extra days of sleeping in! ::wink::

He also started playing Ultimate Frisbee. Something totally new for him and us! 

Vorpal Blade, Cather Approach Paper, Square Roots, Decimals, Additive Property of Inequality, Domain, Radical Expressions, Weighted Average, Complex Fractions, Trinomials, Probability, Pyramids/Cones, Bio Ch 20-21: Fungi/Protista, Mold Lab, Frisbee

Homeschool Elementary
Balsam Fir (finally) located a Nerf gun with foam darts from the garage, and I could (finally) make a Shooting Range Word Wall for him. I saw this idea at Life With my Giggly Girls a while back, although I can't find the exact post right now...Anyway, I wrote words that he struggles with (from his reading) onto index cards and then taped them onto closet doors. If he remembers them or can sound them out correctly, he gets to try shooting a dart at it. He thought it was my coolest idea in a while! ::wink::

I was going to wait until NEXT WEEK to start Story of the World Volume 2: Middle Ages, but the saplings didn't want to wait. How could I not start it, right?

And I took them ice skating for the first time this season. I don't enjoy ice skating so I read in the warming room around a wood stove, watching THEM through a viewing window. They had a wonderful time despite the slips-and-trips and want to go back. Fortunately it's a FREE rink (in a BARN) and has skates available. Nice!

SM Accomplishments
Creative Story (3000 words), Spelling Days ,Vitamins/Minerals, Digestive System, Fractions/Decimals, Fall of the Roman Empire

BF Accomplishments
Lionel in the Spring, Flat Stanley, Sight Word Flashcards, Writer's Notebook, Word Builder, Dollar/Coin (Count/Exchange/Change), Skeleton, Fall of the Roman Empire

Books, Books, Books!
We're reading about the "far land of Spare Oom...around the bright city of War Drobe" in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Have you read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to your kids? I'd most definitely recommend it! Both Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir give it two thumbs up! 

People We Saw, Places We Went
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby (WP/BF) Hanging Out with Buddies (WP) ☃ Scouts (WP/BF) ☃ Ultimate Frisbee (WP) ☃ Basketball (SM)  Clarinet/Band (SM) ☃ Library (SM/BF) 

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  1. Great comic! Good job to White Pine for his hard work.

  2. AHAHAHAH i love the comic girl, that is so me... I start doing one thing... end up re-organizing something different, only to end up dusting something completely different :P hahahaah but then it leads me on a WEEK LONG cleaning spree to finish all my started projects :P Glad you had a great week!

  3. That comic describes my entire life! I love it.

    The shooting word wall may just be the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. I am setting it up TODAY!

    1. Isn't it awesome? And so simple really. Perfect for a boy! I'm trying to figure out how to use less tape sticking and removing the word cards he "darts" though. Duct tape instead of Scotch?

  4. I love your timeline and shooting wall. Oh, and ADCD? I definitely have that - as well as related, CAD (cleaning avoidance disorder, which stems from being overwhelmed by all the cleaning there is to do.)

  5. Good job getting everyone together to clean out the garage! Sounds like you've been busy this week. Hopefully you can try to relax a bit this weekend :) Oh, and I totally suffer from ADCD as well! It's so frustrating sometimes!

  6. You mean you are supposed to park in a garage? LOL! Ours is useable all winter and then it becomes a mess during warmer months when parking outside is easy.

    Narnia - Love them all! My kids have listened to all the books and each has their own favorite title.

  7. Our garage is as bad as yours! Great job tackling it in the cold. We've been putting it off until warmer weather.

    My boys love their Nerf guns. Now you have my mind a-whirring to see how to incorporate it into school. Great idea!

  8. I'm totally impressed that you got everyone to work in the garage. I usually end up doing jobs like that alone after about 10 minutes.

    We LOVE Narnia here. Amber read them all in 2nd grade, but she does re-read them occasionally still. She is kind of a Narnia nut too. She was Lucy for Halloween one year, for Lutheran School's week Character Day two years in a row, and would have done more if she hadn't outgrown the costume. LOL

    I am strangely drawn to your Feathered Friends stories, but I'm not sure why. I am a suburban girl all the way around. I guess you do a great job of describing them. :)

    1. Now you know that lots of families have suburban and even urban chickens! ::wink:: But check your town ordinances before getting a few! LOL

  9. ADCD and CAD I have them both. Its when I go into a room and go "It's Hopeless" and walk back out.

    Philip read the Narnia Series at the beginning of this school year. Hearing him describe them made me realize that I had only read the first one. More stuff for my reading list...

  10. What are you using for Anatomy? I really like that! We are having a blast with Apologia's, but would love to have a few other re enforcers! :)

    Looks like you are starting to act like me. We picked a room/closet or area, and cleaned it up this week. I can't stand the mess anymore or the disorganization!

  11. I love the target wall. What a great idea. I have a space like your garage, except it' s a room in our house so there's no hay. :0) Anyway, I am sure there are things I need in there I just can't seem to get it cleaned out. I plan on working on it soon though. And I am so happy to have identified my cleaning disorder. I never knew it had a name. {Smile}

  12. I LOVE that timeline!! Incredible!

  13. Love the dart shooting idea! What fun! We do a weekly ice skating with a group of homeschoolers...I call that my socialization time (I find I get the low end of the socialization deal, and my kids - "unsocialized" homeschoolers that they are - are over-socialized. Anyway, the kids ice skate and I talk to ADULTS! :)


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